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Best Magento Ecommerce Plugins You Need To Acquire

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Magento eCommerce is the hot and the most happening eCommerce platform that is gaining currency as developers are finding it relatively easy to get the hang of it and of course, it goes easy on the pocket of the clients. So, it is basically a win situation for both the parties and this is what has propelled its popularity.

Now, with the soaring popularity of eCommerce development, different plugins have been developed to make it more effective and appealing to website owners. Some of these plugins are highly sophisticated and they are solely developed to give Magento eCommerce platform the edge that it requires making it large in the virtual world.

Stay Informed- Top Advantages of Using Magento eCommerce

Here we are going to have a quick look at some of the most amazing Magento eCommerce plugins that can spice up your online shopping experience in a whole new way.

1. Fooman Google Analytics Plus

This is the Holy Grail for those who are fascinated about tracking users behavior. With this remarkable Magento plugins, you can get in-depth information about the users’ behavior and can help you boost the sale volume by making minor tweaks here and there. It offers the option to track even Adwords conversion for purchase which is definitely a unique feature that you definitely do not want to give a miss.

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2. Canonical URLs for Magento

When you are in Magento eCommerce development, you are most likely to face a barrage of problems like duplicate content resulting out of bizarre faceted navigation that makes the website almost invisible to search engines, more particularly with Google, who seems is quite obsessed with the quality of content. To ensure that your website does not get trapped in the whirlwind of the duplicate content maze, you need to set preferred version of your website URL as the canonical URL and thankfully with Magento, setting up canonical is not a problem anymore.

All you need to do is to install a small plugin and that’s it. Canonical URLs for Magento is a value for money plugin and the remarkable thing is that it does not require you pay for it. It is free for all and so, with it, you will be able to avoid the boring task of manually setting canonical tags each time you add some products in your Magento eCommerce website. This plugin is independent enough to take care of this issue.

3. Auto CrossSell Products

The entire task of product cross-sell can be automated if you can put your faith in this nifty little plugin. This plugin has gained so much popularity that it is now being treated as a part of Magento eCommerce development project. This plugin should be in your kitty if you have a plan of launching a big online shopping platform with loads of related products in it. It makes the strenuous task extremely easy by helping admin streamlining the process in a whole new way.

4. Lazzymonks Twitter

This is another plugin which is increasingly being adopted by a growing number of Magento developers who have a think for twitter or social media. This new plugin makes the entire process of tweeting from the admin extremely easy.

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5. Advance Sitemap

This is another popular plugin that is hard to give a miss. Since most of us use Magento for developing large websites, generating sitemap can look like a hectic affair. But with this advance sitemap plugin, you can cut through these complexities and that too with ease and élan. It helps you generate a sitemap that you can submit to Google and other search engines without a second thought. There are no restrictions and again you would not have to shell out a penny for using this plugin.

6. J2T Points & Rewards Plugin

You want your customers to come back to your website again and again as they are the source of revenues. But in order to make them come back to your online store, you need to give them something extra. Probably launching a reward for purchasing product is a great idea and you would not have to hire a Magento development company for enabling this feature in your Magento eCommerce website. This can be achieved by installing a small plugin named – J2T Points & Rewards Plugin.

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