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Top Advantages of Using Magento e-Commerce

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e-Commerce platform must be chosen with great care as it can ruin the whole business setup. Choosing a single platform among the wide range of platforms is a difficult task. But right here is the solution as I am focusing on one of the widely used eCommerce open source platform : Magento. Lets discuss deeply on the top advantages of Magento:


1. Flexible Content Management:

The content management in Magento platform is flexible enough as it helps shop owners to customize their offerings at a go and also makes it user friendly. WYSIWYG content is used for those who wants to manipulate the basic functioning of the shopping cart.

2. Responsive Configuration:

Shopping carts can be viewed on different devices like tablets, laptops, smart phones and various other mobile devices seamlessly. This in turn helps consumers to enhance their shopping trends and move towards mobile usage.

3. Advanced and Customized SEO:

With the help of Magento the organic traffic can be managed in a efficient manner, as a result it gives your product a better chance to appear on different search engines. Custom SEO can be implemented by those who have the related knowledge and skills to perform them.

4. Robust and Capacious:

A single Magento platform have the capability of supporting up-to 5 lac of product and thousands of order in a single hour. This helps in the future growth of the site by maintaining space between one or more carts. Magento has optimum performance for special hosting based on the size and complexity with load speed.

5. Embedded up-sells and cross sells:

To increase the sale potential different add prompts can be added to the browser related options and checkout page. This enhances the users experience. The relevant data can be shown in the margins of the page.

6. Third Party Integration:

Google analytic’s can be added to the platform for the data analysis. In same way many other third party data analytic’s can be added to keep the track. It can also be integrated with Paypal, Google Shopping, Ebay, etc.

7. Tailored permissions for Security:

The access can be customized on multiple levels using different security permissions to make the site safer for use. The logins of the site are CAPTCHA equipped. The PCI Data Security is one of the standard and the secondary pass lock prompt is used for extra defense from the unwanted ruptures.

8. Advanced Search Filtration:

Dynamic features are used to improve the search that filters the products according to the parameters mentioned by the user. Magento has a great and unique feature of search like product tag filters, viewed products, product review and recently compared. The search can also be configured on the auto suggested term.

9. Wide Spread Community:

Magento is widely used by more than 2,40,000 business user all over the globe for maintaining their online business needs. Large number of the developers are officially certified from 35 different countries around the globe. The number is constantly growing and providing a strong backbone to support the big opportunities for more business connections.

10. Great Saver:

Magento being an open source platform has an expended extension library which is developed preceding the worldwide community. This helps in sharing the tools with the Magento users over the globe. A single Magento instance can be used for managing multiple online stores with different currencies. This is a great add on to the global market.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works in PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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