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Opera Mini 4.5 Browser Launched, Targeting Basic Phones

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Opera software has rolled out a latest version of its popular opera mini mobile browser with new advancements and first class user-experience for low-priced mobile phones. This browser update caters to different features like Opera mini 4.5 Download manager, privacy settings, etc. The download manager gives you more control over the installation of new content, resume and pause options.

As per Christian Uribe (Opera Software Product Manager) – “Having an excellent download manager is just as important for the students downloading class work to their phones as it is for business people with more advanced phones.”

With the new privacy mode in the Opera mini 4.5, one can lend his/her mobile phone to a third person or even a friend without any trepidation, as your device will forget the browsing data, Facebook logins (NASDAQ:FB) or any other personal data or mobile search queries.

Courtesy of some advancements:

  • New look and feel
  • More user-friendly
  • Improved Touch for the supported phones

While we know that Opera mini is available as a native app at Play Store (Android) and Apple store (iOS), but the company tried to target multitudinous of the other devices available all across the world. By targeting low-end mobile phones, Opera is looking forward to gain an edge over emerging markets in the mobile world. This is of no surprise that Opera Mini 4.5 will find its all new and bigger market for low-end mobile phones (not SmartPhones), as last month, partnering with Seven Indian mobile manufacturers has made it in per-installation of the software on several Android devices.

“Getting online is a must in the modern world, and the kind of equipment you choose to use should not stand in the way of having a first-class browsing experience,” says Christian Uribe, Opera Mini Product Manager.

“That’s why we introduced some of the best-loved features from the advanced series of Opera browsers for basic phones,” he continues. If you own a basic handset, you will be given with an option to download Opera Mini 7.5 – the advanced version of the browser.

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