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What Can You Do to Make Your App More Marketable

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With the growing mobile phone user base, the app developers are invading the marketplace with new and exciting mobile applications on a daily basis. However, the battle to lure users is becoming more and fiercer, and developers need to focus on the ways of getting more users to popularize their apps. Here are a few simple techniques that one can rely on when it comes to popularize their mobile applications in the marketplace.


1. Optimize Performance of Your App:

Speed and high-performance can make your mobile app more saleable. Today, people love speed. If your app is not optimized for performance, they may abandon your app and prefer to download another app that loads faster and performs better than yours.

2. Simple and Clutter-Free Design:

Don’t think that a complex design will always be appreciated by the users. The design should be simple and logical for users to easily understand what the app is all about and what is its usefulness and advantages. With a right design, developers can make sure that users find it more interesting as well as engaging.

3. Make Device Switching a Smooth Process:

Many times, users upgrade their devices. A user, irrespective of his/her device, should have the same experience with your app. No matter what device or platform he or she chooses, your app should have the same features. In the same manner, a new version of your app should not have new characters or features to confuse the user.

4. Does your app run affordably?

An affordably running app means it should not eat up your battery or consume too much of your data. You want to ensure a great performance, but the data usage and the battery consumption should not deter users from running the app on their devices and enjoy its features. You need to think ways of keeping the data usage to the minimum and improve the app performance without exhausting the battery.

5. Deliver What You Promise:

Make sure that your app meets the objectives of your users. There should not be technical glitches that can undermine the performance and annoy the users. An unsatisfied user may spread bad words about your app and which will distract the potential users from downloading your app.

6. Interaction with Other Apps:

Remember, the app marketplace has evolved dramatically and a user has generally a bunch of applications installed on his/her smartphone. So, besides the individual performance, your app should have the ability to perform superbly in an ecosystem, loaded with a variety of apps. Users often assess an app with respect to other apps available on their devices and thus your app’s superior performance is very much desirable.

The app developers need to focus on these common aspects of optimizing the performance of their apps and offer the best user experience. A lightweight app that loads faster and has a low data usage is more appreciable among the users. More importantly, a mobile app should meet the expectations of a user and should be optimized for a great performance.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works in PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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