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How to Get Success in Creating Phenomenal Mobile Web Design?

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Mobile web design has made a phenomenal success in the last couple of years. Though the beginning has been disappointing with devices like the PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo DS (with opera browser) had developed into its own version of the internet that people admire. People can access Mobile web from a number of devices like- smart phones, e-readers, web-enabled tablet and also on GPS systems and television. To see the stupendous growth of mobile web design Morgan Stanley remarks that the current rate of change and adoption suggests that mobile web is going to be bigger than the desktop Internet before 2015. In addition, information found in mobile analytics software corroborate that a large number of people are now spending more time on the mobile web. This information clearly predicts the future of mobile web design in the coming years. If you compare business web design with mobile design than the mobile Internet has more challenges that designers may not have faced.

You can find numerous tutorials that offer tips on appearance of a website but in order to succeed in the future one should begin to develop mobile web strategies. Given below are five important mobile web design tips that help users to navigate your site-

Scale it down

Since people check your mobile design on a smaller screen so you need to make the options simpler to match the experience. You can do this by determining where the important ingredient of your homepage lies, which links are the most important for the design and redesign the interface for handsets. Though you mobile web design should be a simplified version of your normal business web design, but it should retain its functionality. In order to get faster loading of your mobile web design you may need to lose out some images and other complex graphics if they are not really important. Or you can reduce their sizes into a tiny byte size.

White Space

White space is important because the canvas is small. Too many color blocks on mobile web design create confusion, and they look jumbled. Users have unsatisfying experience with these color blocks. With the help of White Space, you can break up the space in order to effectively distribute other objects around. However, overloading White Space will appear like your site is not loading.


The design should use a familiar color scheme and general style cues from your custom web design but as far as mobile version is concerned it should have its own theme. You can do so by optimizing your main site for mobile use as an alternative, and it is always more advantageous to use a separate mobile theme. You receive a greater control over the viewing of the site by visitors and allow more optimization.


For any web design, whether it business web design or mobile web design, its content plays a prime role in its success. And on the web you do not have much time to make an impression on users except a few seconds. If you fail to impress them by your content, then there are billions of web pages ready to take over your users. To avoid this situation you should place most important content on the top and if possible refrain from banner ads. Make sure the content is easy to access and peruse because visitors on mobile site are interested in the content.


Give an option to your users to visit the full mobile design. It is seen that users are stuck with a design which they don’t like or won’t let them do what they wish. It is not a daunting task to add this option and your visitors also appreciate it.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works in PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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