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Top 10 Tips for Quick Web Development

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Web development has become the essence of online business. With its emergence on a larger scale you can find several web developers in the market but they still tend to make some common mistakes which ought to be avoided if you want to run your website successfully.

The competition in the online market is getting fierce day-by-day and in this type of situation you won’t like to make any single mistake regarding your business and would like to earn maximum profits. This article will provide you with top 10 fastest techniques for web development so that you can concentrate on other aspects of business instead of wondering about the basics of web development.

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CLEARLY DEFINED SCOPE: Functionalities and user interface features must be clearly defined and should be noted on a sheet of paper so, that you can save your time on the unnecessary thinking after you start with the development process.

FRAMEWORK: After you are complete with the web design and features of your web application the next important step is to decide what programming language you would like to prefer to begin with your application.

OPEN SOURCE  COMPONENTS: It is advisable to opt for best open source components which are already tested and exists in the market, but the thing which should be taken care of is blending those components into your own application.

USE DIV TAGS: Since most of the browsers start showing the page after their content is fully loaded. Therefore, it will be better to use div tags instead of tables for designing your pages.

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USE FIREBUG: Firebug allows you to inspect into the http traffic and find problems with your CSS. It also provides you with exceptional logging commands that allows you to easily debug your scripts.

USE EDITOR: This is a kind of function which automatically generates HTML source while you are designing the page. You can analyze the auto generated code and optimize the faster loading once you are complete with your development.

AVOID BEING MONEY MINDED FROM THE BEGINNING: Though it may seem very awkward to you but try to be very cost effective in the beginning and do not charge your users too much. This will promote your application in the online market and then you can increase your amount after you have gained lots of links and exposure.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME: If you are not able to get some technical help from the experts, do not waste your time by waiting for them to respond, you can make search on the web and there you can get all the technical assistance.

LAUNCHING YOUR WEBSITE: Make sure that all the work is completed by the weekend and your website is ready to be presented before the visitors. Tuesday is considered as one of the best day in the internet market, therefore, a launch on this day will definitely add to some additional benefits for your business.

SECURE YOURSELF: Your computer is your lifeline and you can’t live without it. The most important thing above all is to keep your computer and work in a safe mode.  If you are working on Windows then try to go for a proper anti virus and firewall. Provide backup for your work both automatic and manual as well.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works in PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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