11 Unconventional Uses of WordPress

WordPress is a powerful CMS which can be used efficiently to design websites as well as blogs. Its wide range of features extends its usability to a great level. When it comes to blogging, WordPress grabs the top spot due to its flexibility and limitless uses. It is widely used for personal blogging as well as business and community networking purposes. By selecting the right modifications, plug-ins and themes, you can very well turn WordPress theme design into anything.

Discussed below are the 11 unconventional uses of WordPress.

1. Send Invoice and Billing Statements
This is one of those features of WordPress which is used very less, but is very useful. The WebInvoice plug-in allows WordPress users to send itemized invoices to their clients. This feature is very useful for web developers, SEO consultants, or anyone with a WordPress blog and clients to bill. This plug-in ties the WordPress user’s database to keep track of their clients’ information. It allows the users to send invoice very conveniently.

2. Create Job Boards
Using this you can incorporate your WordPress blog with advertisements of job openings. The job listing plug-in allows you to create a fully customized job board for your WordPress site. If you have a professional website, you can post jobs for your company. This is a plug-in that many businesses use regularly.

3. Build and Set-up your Portfolio
An online portfolio is a must for web designers and web developers. WordPress design is a great tool which helps you to set up your own gallery or portfolio. There are a number of themes and plug-ins available which can help you achieve this. Some of these are – Graphix, Polaris, Discovery, ViewPort etc.

4. Create FAQ portion
The ‘frequently asked question’ part is very important for every website. It is where the questions asked by clients are located and drafted in simple, easy to understand format of questions and answers. A WordPress blog with this feature will enable you to receive questions from your clients while you also can post your answers in the FAQs corner.

5. Build Knowledge Base
By installing a Wiki in your WordPress, you actually customize plug-ins for the FAQs. It helps you in search engine optimization as you can easily post articles or answers in FAQs. It enables the readers to link articles related to your posts, rate the contents, etc. You can use the Wiki Embed plug-in for this.

6. Build a business directory
Using this plug-in you can invite your marketing affiliates, members of your site and basically anyone interested to submit interesting but short ads. These ads can help you immensely in establishing your blog in a strong online community. Plug-ins to be used are Directory Pres and Business Directory Plug-in.

7. Create Digital Business Card
Having a digital business card is quite beneficial. You do not have to carry your business cards in your pocket. You can simply write down your domain name on a napkin (or any sort of object) and, your friends/business associates get your business card instantly.

8. Email and Newsletters
Use of e-mails and electronic newsletters is a must in any online marketing strategy. WordPress has a plug-in that caters to this requirement. You can use WP Auto Responder or ALO Easy Mail Newsletter.

9. Build website for Membership Subscription only
If you have an online research company, you can transform your WordPress design into a subscription only website from where readers can access complete research articles and papers. You can use WP Member or Digital Access Pass for this.

10. Create a review blog site
You can also turn your WordPress website into a review site which can help you generate more income opportunities. You can also rate your blog reviews. You can use WP Review Site plug-in for this.

11. Social networking sites
You WordPress website can also function as a networking site where bloggers may and can send social messages. You can use BuddyPress or P2P Social Networker theme for this.

So now that you have discovered that WordPress extends beyond blogging, it is time for you to get started with WordPress and experience its benefits.

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