3 Tips to Decide Your PSD Slicer

Who doesn’t want to keep his hands full of projects and few more projects on hold? Emails coming in, people calling continuously, asking you for website design.

With more and more revenue sliding in from your Paypal (generally) account into your respective integrated bank account making you happy. And you suddenly start believing in the proverb “Wealth Is health”, oops! I meant, “Health is wealth”.

Ah, such a nice dream to see! Though it would increase the work load, but who cares when one sees dollars blinging around! If you are on your own, then am sure ‘outsourcing’ would definitely pass through your grey matter. Of course, after all- projects must be delivered on time.

Generally, web designers come across this kind of situation very often. The reasons could be many, like, some designers do not know how to convert their PSD to XHTML/HTML/CSS, or they might be out of resources, or anything!

Now while looking for some PSD to XHTML service providers or slicers, whom you do not know, how you will decide on them?

There are some parameters which must be strictly followed while looking out for PSD slicing services.

  • Quality
  • Responsiveness or Customer support
  • Pricing

The best you can do is ‘look’ and ‘judge’ the quality of the website design of your service provider. And more importantly, see if it is coded well. You can get the idea about the work service provider does. Analyze under the hood of their site and portfolios. Do the codes stand up to the claims made by them. Also see what their clients speak about their service, if there is any testimonial from clients. See for their presence and resources working for them, as it would add a layer on their credibility.

Responsiveness or Customer support:-
Look for their customer response time. Ask some queries, clear your doubts via mails or other mediums. See how quick and vigilant they are in replying back to their customer query. If the response takes more than an hour, you better start searching for a new service provider, because if they don’t worth your dime they can’t be your best deal.

You not only need quality but also reliability. If they are promising 8-12 hrs of delivery time but can not answer your query within few hours, you can imagine their credibility. To increase the responsive time, many PSD slicers have integrated their web site with Yahoo!, MSN, and other instant messengers.

It is the most important factor in deciding, who to hire? One must see that “How much it will cost”. Do a little research:-

  • Compare the prices with other slicers in the market.
  • See the difference in packages and turn around time.
  • The features available in the package. Examples:- Basic Package /Professional Package.
  • Do they offer discounts? If yes, then “How much?”

These are not the only parameters but few important ones. Hope this will help you.

Take care till we meet next.

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  5. Hey thanks Chris, Alia and Brit for giving your time to my Blog.

    @ Chris: – You are correct Chris there are many other factors too but i have picked the most judgmental one.

    @Alia: – Thanks a lot and we would expect more feedbacks from you in future.

    @ Brit : – Though they might sound simple but many time in the wake of restlessness we compromise with one of them or 2 or 3…

  6. i have read your both the posts, though you write very basic and simple things but very important.

    Nice one, again.
    Lets see what comes next from you.

  7. landed up here via ‘Twitter’……

    read this post, though m nt a designer or a “slicer” (as u hav used this terminology) but really liked the start of the post…keep up an keep going

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