4 Reasons to Choose SEO Website Design

Well! Web design is one of the most important things that one should focus on while designing a website for online business. Attractive and appealing website designs help in increasing the traffic of your website. Better website design helps you in gaining overall success faster as well as helps in making more profits in your business. While designing a website, you should avoid attractive flash movies, stunning images and streaming audio. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that these elements may actually be damaging business prospects as well as affects the website rankings in the search engines. Whether you design your website on your own or take the help of expert professionals, you should opt for an SEO friendly web design.

A survey has been done and showed very appalling results. It was found that 1 in every 10 website designers believe that SEO is not their business and some designers say they don’t know “What SEO is!” So, before exploring different reasons why you should choose SEO website design, it’s better to first understand what SEO is all about.

About SEO!


Search engine optimization is all about optimizing your websites for search engines. Search engines employ automated ‘web spiders’ to crawl and collect important information about the website. Once the information has been collected, search engines use them to assess the relevance of a website for particular keywords. You should remember that these are automated programs that have been coded to crawl through web pages. Moreover, these spiders deposit the information they collect in the database. So, whenever a user types keyword or queries, the search engine reaches the collected database and lists pages according to the relevance. Pages which are more relevant, attractive, appealing and user friendly would come on top, while those are not, would be located at the bottom.

Reasons to Choose SEO Web Design


Whether you hire a professional web designer or you yourself want to design your website, you should adopt better methods considering all about SEO for better results. Here are 4 reasons for why you should choose SEO friendly Custom Web Design:

  1. Search engines are always looking for an SEO friendly websites. If search engines are happy with your design, you can expect more number of direct visitors as well as huge amount of traffic.
  2. If your website is not getting traffic from search engines, you almost lose your brand value as well as volume of traffic. This means your website design is not search engine friendly.
  3. SEO friendly website is found to be a more user friendly website. Websites which are SEO friendly loads faster than any other site. To have an SEO friendly website, and to make the site quick download, you should use proper HTML coding, use of ALT tags, target proper keywords, use proper links and so on.
  4. To have an SEO friendly website means a website with clean looks and speaks about quality.

So, if you looking for a better web design, you should focus on better SEO elements that help your site and business to grow.

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