These days people are obsessed with Pokémon Go, a new augmented reality smart phone game that allows users to catch creatures as they walk around. It’s only been two weeks since the game’s release, and it already has more active users than dating app Tinder. Here are some stats showing popularity of this game:


So, What Makes Pokémon Go Successful in this Short Span of Time

The success of Pokémon Go has taught businesses many lessons. If you are an app developer or a business owner who want to develop mobile app, you must know these five factors that has made this app so popular and successful.

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1. Clever use of augment reality technology

There’s a simple reason behind the game’s explosive popularity, and it’s not just nostalgia. It’s straight-up Dream Fulfillment. The game is perhaps the first real success story of the use of augmented reality technology, which blends the digital and real world together. 

Pokémon Go’s use of Augmented Reality to insert Pokémon characters in the real world is, in my opinion, the best use of the technology to date. Augmented Reality apps have, for the most part, been gimmicky or disappointing. With Pokémon Go, AR is necessary to bring the Pokémon world to life. To do it in this way is something that Nintendo could only have achieved on mobile.

2. Good branding can sell just about anything

Pokémon Go is actually loosely based on a system that already existed for another location-based mobile game, Ingress. Have you ever heard of Ingress? Possibly, but it didn’t achieve breakout success because its brand never became well-recognized. Pokemon, on the other hand, is a brand that’s been consistently developing itself for more than 20 years.

Its character design, game quality, and tone as a video game series (and anime) has become so powerful, its presence alone helped sell the game to multiple generations of Pokemon fans. The game itself is good, but without the branding, it never would have taken off.


3. Timing is really important

Pokémon launched just after the start of summer, when kids are out of school, festivals are kicking up, and people are looking for any excuse to go outside and walk around. Can you imagine what it would be like if the game launched in the dead of winter?

During a blizzard? The launch date is no coincidence. It’s also good timing in a broader perspective; Pokemon is 20 years old now, and fans who were children when the series first launched are now 20-something adults with significant buying power.

4. Social proof is everything these days

Thanks to our immediately connected, highly communicative, social media-integrated world, social proof is everything in the modern era. We won’t buy a product unless someone else has reviewed it first. We won’t notice a business unless we hear someone else talking about it.

With Pokémon Go, social proof is visible—when you see people having fun with the same mobile game almost everywhere you turn, it’s almost impossible not to want to get involved.

5. Low learning curves lead to higher adoption rates

Another component of Pokémon Go’s success is its low learning curve; despite having no formal tutorial or instructions, it’s pretty easy to pick up the basics of the app. You can dig deep into researching the mechanics of the game, but all you really need to do to have fun is walk around, your phone occasionally, and stay alert for phone vibrations (which indicate a Pokemon has appeared).

Well-designed websites, eCommerce platforms, apps, and products are ones that welcome new users with open arms and make it extremely easy for people to get involved, which is a lesson you can learn from breakout social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, too.

Wrapping Up:

In this cut throat competition, a business needs smart work and quality content to get the apex position. The success of Pokemon Go is the resultant of clever amalgamation of content and marketing.

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