5 Galling Aspects of Ecommerce Websites

The fact of the matter is that today the internet is becoming the focal point of attention as far business and commerce is concerned. People, especially the younger generation is moving rapidly towards doing all their business transactions online to the extent possible. Today’s younger generation is all for convenience and speed of transactions when it comes to their business dealings. Hence there is a rapid growth of ecommerce across the whole world. It is just the beginning but there is an expectation that this will go rapizdly over the next few years. But along with various advantages there are also many disadvantages associated with ecommerce website design. These could also be called the galling aspects about which we will discuss over the next few lines.

• The biggest problem with ecommerce sites is that it is heavily dependent on third party service providers like Google. So even if the ecommerce website has the best web hosting services, it is still indirectly dependent on the major search engines for driving traffic to your ecommerce site. If this does not happen there is little chance of your ecommerce business taking off to the next level. If your search ranking drop a few places, it could spell a lot of problem for you and your ecommerce website. So when one thinks about building their own ecommerce websites they should keep the above fact in mind which is exactly not under your control.

• The biggest problem with ecommerce web design is that the site has to be live 7/365 without which you are bound to lose a lot of customers. If your site is offline even for a few hours, it would mean loss of business which could run to a few hundreds or thousands of dollars as the case may be. This however is not the case with a brick and mortar shop. If the particular shop is closed or a particular model is not available, there are much better chances that the customer will again come and visit the shop once again. If you are an ecommerce website owner you have to keep in mind that a customer is just a click away from leaving your site for good.

• There is biggest problem of understanding the products and services that are advertised on e-commerce sites. For example, the product description available in the website may actually differ from the actual product. This leads to lot of resentment amongst customers and could lead to return of stocks or the sale being negated. Hence, there could always be a danger of perception differences when one is transacting business in an online ecommerce environment. This problem can easily be avoided in a brick and mortar outlet. This is because the customer has the liberty of seeing the goods personally before he actually buys it. Hence there is no problem of perception and the chances of misunderstanding and miscommunication are much less in an offline or physical environment.

• Getting noticed in an online environment amongst thousands of websites is almost next to impossible unless you have the best of search engine support and SEO optimization packages. Even then there are chances of your ecommerce site getting totally lost. However, in a brick and mortar environment there are good chances that many customers would walk into your shop or store, however small or big they may be. At least customers will visit your outlet for curiosity value which may never be possible in today’s extremely crowded online environment.

• People usually go to these ecommerce designs in the belief that the goods they purchase online will be cheaper because of various factors. One theory that is often promoted by ecommerce supporters is that since there are no expenses involved in setting up brick and mortar shops, the costs so saved get passed on to the customer. Though this is a realistic fact, it does not happen always that way. There are quite a few hidden expenses which a customer may not be aware. There could be delivery charges, credit card payment charges, charges that are levied by payment gateways such as Paypal and others. These are hidden charges which the customers realize only when they actually get into the transactions. Once these charges are taken into account, there could actually very little to choose between an online business deal and a deal concluded in a brick and mortar outlet.

• Whenever the customer returns the goods payment for which has been made through credit card, a levy is made to the seller’s account by the credit card company. This charge is quite a bit amount which has to be always borne by the ecommerce site owner whether he likes it or not. You can hire an eCommerce development company for developing a wonderful e-commerce site.

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