5 Steps to Make Your eCommerce Website Successful Read in this post, Effective and Useful 5 Steps to Make Your eCommerce Website Successful

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Some of the experts are already predicting that the sales of the eCommerce industry will increase to $2 trillion by the year 2020. Also, eCommerce is now considered one of the fastest growing and valuable industry. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are trying their fortune in eCommerce industry with custom eCommerce development.

Whenever you are shopping online to purchase any product and seamlessly checkout you might think that this process is not that complicated.

eCommerce businesses who are already selling their products online play a different type of game. The complete control of customers’ experiences is in their hands. Whether it is an arrangement of the products or marking the store sales. They have a complete control over the website which helps them to directly connect with their customers and promote purchases.

However, with so much of freedom, some of the eCommerce businesses might not know how to start with curating their eCommerce website.

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According to Statista.com, the share of eCommerce website in total retail sales will rise to 17.5% by the year 2021.

In order to start retaining customers and increase your loyal customers, here are the 5 ways on how to make your eCommerce website successful. These methods will cover how customer experience each and every element of your eCommerce website and to explain how all these elements will help to attract number of customers and increase sales.

1. Hiring a Good eCommerce Development Company

This component is important for launching your eCommerce website. If you are looking to launch your eCommerce website in a short span of time and in a professional looking manner, make sure to hire a good and experienced eCommerce development company.

In addition, you should ask for the references to the other eCommerce websites which was developed by the company previously. Furthermore, before starting the website development work you should ask for the timeline on how long they will take to launch your eCommerce website. Plus, you should check whether the eCommerce development company has the experience in developing a website on the eCommerce platform you have chosen.

Many times, businesses start working with the eCommerce development company without doing any research about them. You should not let this happen to you, as it can stop your eCommerce website project before it has even begun.

2. Engaging Website Design

Even if you are providing the best products and services and having the best customer service, it does not mean that your website design is attractive and lousy, your existing online business presence is doomed. According to a study by Kissmetrics, 93% of customers consider the website design as one of the most important factors while making a purchase.

In order to earn profits from eCommerce website, you can either pay to a good reputed website designer or code it yourself. Other than that, you can download various ready-made templates and make the changes according to your requirements. There are so many websites available for downloading website templates which are designed by following all the latest trends in website development.

All the design elements of your website should be eye-catching for your visitors, such as using less distracting elements with less text and use full-size images.

Here are some of the tips for improving the design of your eCommerce website:

  • Web design should eye-catching to catch the visitors’ attention. You should engage with your customers by using full-sized images and less text.
  • Your eCommerce should be designed by a reputed website development company, if you know how to write a code for your website then its fine, or you can opt for online store design template.

3. Offering Excellent Online Support


Whenever you are developing any eCommerce website the most important thing is to have an excellent online support. Your customers need to know that they will get after sales support if required. Providing troubleshooting and after-sales service and talking to customers before the purchase will eventually convert your potential buyers into loyal customers.

The most used online support in eCommerce websites these days is the live chat feature which works 24/7. If you are going to use this tool in your website then it will increase your worldwide website conversion by 10%. Furthermore, if you are having enough resources to get this support, you should still provide any type of online support to help your customers.

Here are some of the tips for providing excellent online support:

  • Provide online support at various stages of the eCommerce website experience for encouraging new buyers to make their first purchase and come back as a loyal customer.
  • You should make your online customer support features available everywhere whether it is on the smartphone or a chat box, as it makes your buyers aware of the services you are providing.

4. Providing Popular Payment Options 

There is no eCommerce website without payment options. You should offer a wide variety of payment options for your customers so that they can make their purchase easily.

Payments options like MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal are some of the leading payment options, but you should also opt for other payment options as well. Here is the list of top 15 payment providers which will fit according to the need of your eCommerce website.


Following are some of the tips for providing popular payment options:

  • Offer a wide variety of payment options so that your customers can make purchases using their desired payment option.
  • Allowing sellers to create their accounts and save the payment options of your customers for making future payments much more seamless.

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5. Advertising on Social Media

Advertising your eCommerce website on various social media channels is the best way to connect with your potential customers in a more creative way. Advertising can consist of anything like posting on Facebook, to sharing a story on SnapChat or Instagram.

Moreover, you should make the use of tools like Google Analytics for tracking which channels are the best for targeting new customers and applying more marketing efforts on these platforms. If you are still confused about how to advertise using social media platforms then you should follow the guidelines of respective social media platforms, to begin with.

Here are some of the tips for better advertising on social media:

  • Use tools like social media analytics for tracking the success of your ads and forming strategies which can improve the future promotions.
  • With social media marketing you can do a lot of creative work, so try to execute the personality of your important buyers in your ads.


With these five mentioned ways, you could make your eCommerce website a success. eCommerce websites provide the freedom to control the user experience in whichever way they want to. Instead of following all the marketplace policies, businesses can easily set up their own eCommerce website by their own rules and regulations to shape their buyers’ product and service interactions. Therefore, follow all these tips properly because one bad implementation may lead to loss of both resources and time.

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