5 Tips To Generate More Good Reviews For Your Ecommerce Stores.

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According to studies, 82% of shoppers search and read online reviews before making their purchase. Moreover, almost 50% consider using a business with no less than 4 stars

Unless you’re bringing a completely new idea to the market in this competitive business world, you’ll always have competitors selling similar products. 

Instead of being the best at everything, as a business owner, you can start by figuring out why people choose to buy your products. One aspect you can consider as not many people think about is the customers’ reviews, especially when your business is in the e-Commerce market.

It comes as no surprise that customers’ reviews become an indispensable asset of a company to improve sales performance. Follow this post to understand why online reviews benefit your business and which ways help you gain more good reviews from the customers.



Table of contents:

 Why are good reviews so critical?

Build trust for your products

Create social proof for your e-Store

Enhance brand awareness & reputation

5 Tips to generate more good reviews for your online stores

Help customer easy to leave product reviews

Let customers know you value their feedback

Show appreciation via thank you messages

Send personalized product review requests at the right time

Use Affiliate Marketing




Why are good reviews so critical?



Thanks to the Internet’s exploration, nowadays, customer shopping habits in the eCommerce market have changed drastically. Understanding why online reviews are essential will help you optimize your customer experience. 

Let’s review 3 main reasons why customers’ published experiences with your brand are crucial.

  • Build trust for your products

How online reviews help your business stand out from the crowd? 

A survey by Podium showed that 68% of shoppers are ready to pay up to 15% more for the same product or service of a store with no hesitation if they believe in a better experience.

Your biggest hurdle when making business online is to prove that your products are excellent and something that your target customers desire. 

This task becomes more difficult than ever as consumers these days are more skeptical and cautious about what they search for and see on the Internet. 


“83% of buyers don’t trust advertising”


With real product reviews, buyers can have a better first impression of the shop’s products and overall buying experience from your old customers. It greatly influences the customer’s decision to stay on your site and click on the “buy” button. 

A survey done by BrightLocal, with 6,283 consumers, suggested that 56% of them choose a business because it had positive star ratings and reviews.

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  • Create social proof for your e-Store

According to a study of BrightLocal, most consumers read at least 10 reviews before they do feel that a business is trustworthy. In today’s e-commerce market, it’s undeniable that online reviews have emerged as one of the most potent forms of “social proof” – a term that explains why people follow the mass’s actions. 

As we all understand that when you’re shopping in a store, you can directly touch the products and decide which one is better. However, it’s a different story in the e-Commerce market. 

Customers will want to know what the community of online shoppers think about your business before giving your store their cash. 

And both quantity and quality matter. Your customer not only want to know how many people bought that item but also how many thought it was excellent (as well as why it was rated poorly)

Amazon gives us a great example of how sellers can use customer reviews and rating stars as a testimonial for their product and influence customer decision-making.

Amazon publishes different ratings and the number of people rated for each item so visitors can see what the majority of purchasers felt (happy or unhappy) with what they bought. 

Having a highly positive footprint will eventually power the engagement between shoppers and your store and hence, directly drives more sales.

You must also incorporate a review and rating section in your eCommerce platform with the help of a top eCommerce development company.

  • Enhance brand awareness & reputation

Nowadays, brand reputation is highly dependent on review sites. It is easy to understand that a brand with lots of positive reviews can attract more customers than a brand with a poor reputation. 

Maybe you don’t know, but good online reviews can also improve Google ranking and overall SEO efforts of one store, which is a visible element for more leads, traffic, and more conversion.

For example, when you search a keyword on Google, it will give you a list of websites, including that keyword or relevant information. 

So in this situation, which webs are you going to click first, apart from the advertising one?



The answer to this question is the web with a higher rating, and more votes will be chosen. After that, you, as a customer, will consider the price, stock status, and other included information. 

So what is the connection between Google ranking and online reviews?

We can see that those sites on the example are on top 2 of GSRP (Google Search Results Page), which are the things searchers see first and have high potential to click on. 

Here’s what is interesting. 

Google believes your customers more than it trusts you. It determines a site worth good rankings via many signals. When a customer leaves a review on your site (can be good or bad), it tells Google that your business is a legit operation. Moreover, other Google users have interacted with it and can be useful for future potential customers to make their decisions.


5 Tips to generate more good reviews for your online stores.

  • Help customer easy to leave product reviews

If reviews are what customers are searching for when buying a product online, store owners should put the review section in a prominent place to read and even write feedback with ease. 

The more comfortable you make it for customers to leave a review on your product page, the more likely your shop can get reviews.

Things you should do to make the review more friendly with shoppers:

  • Give them more options on different platforms: Your website should not be the only place where customers can review your products.
  • Attach a link directly brings customers to a review site on the web: All customers need to do is click on the link, and now they can leave a review.
  • Feature the review section right under your product description: Customers can see all the reviews about the item by scrolling down.

Get in touch with an expert eCommerce development company in India and easily incorporate all these points in your eStore.

  • Let customers know you value their feedback

Sometimes, reading reviews is the only thing that your customers consider. 

Among the buyers who read reviews, 97% focuses on how the business responds to reviews.

Responding to customers’ reviews right after they are submitted and say thank those who leave them play an essential role in making sales uplift. 

More than that, this action can turn a new customer into a regular one and even a loyal customer in the future. Everything is much easier when customers have the first excellent buying experience with your store.



With positive feedback, something you can start with:

  • “Hi/ Dear (Name) – Thank you so much for using our (Company) service/ product and taking out time to leave us this amazing review.”
  • “Hi/ Dear (Name) – Thank you for the wonderful review and for taking out time to share your feedback with (Company).”
  • “Hi/ Dear (Name) – We are happy to hear you had a positive experience at (Company).”

After the first sentence, you should write something to encourage them to come back to your shop and say thanks to them one more time. 

That is what happens with positive feedback, how about the negative ones?

Look at one example of how The Four Points by Sheraton Hakodate – a part of Marriott International, allocated in Japan – responded to a 1-star rating.



Sorry words show that you care about your customers and that you’re not too proud to own your mistakes. Even if it’s not your fault, and there will be times when this is true.

With negative feedback, here is how you can begin with:

  • “Hi/ Dear (Name) – We’re so sorry that your experience did not match your expectations. Please help us to improve by providing more information on your experience. We can reach you via (phone/email).”
  • “Hi/ Dear (Name) – I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback. I’m disappointed and feel sorry to hear that you were treated in a way that was less than you deserve.”
  • “Hi/ Dear (Name) – We’re incredibly sorry that you had to face such a terrible experience.”

The most important thing when you respond to such negative feedback is not to make excuses. 

Focusing on engaging directly with the customer and showing the willingness to sympathize with their experience by offering them direct contact information. 

Let them know that you are taking responsibility for their horrible experience.

You can hire eCommerce developers and automate this process with the help of bots.

  • Show Appreciation via thank you messages

After customers leave their feedback on your e-Store site or any social media, a polite thank which expresses your gratitude is the very least you can do. 

Below is a thank you message template of The St. Regis Rome – a luxury hotel chain, part of Marriott International. Below is how they respond after each review is submitted. 



Showing appreciation to customers directly increases your web exposure while your thanking words can include more keywords about your business. Thus, the possibility that your brand appears on the searching page of prospective customers is much higher. 

Here is how you can do it:

“Hi (Name) – Thank you very much for such a great review! We strive to offer the best (type of business) in (name of your city).”

That way, when someone searches for “best (business type) in (city name),” your company has a higher chance of getting a top hit.

  • Send personalized product review requests at the right time.

Not all customers leave product reviews after purchasing, so reminding them is essential, but it is even more crucial when you send it. This step is most effective after a product is purchased, between 2-3 PM and 6-7 PM.

Another way you can use is to ask for ‘feedback” instead of a review, which is much less intimidating to the customers. Plus, if they don’t have a pleasant experience with you, you would much rather solve any issues before having them post a poor review of your company and products.

Look at how Thumbtack did it:



  • Use Affiliate Marketing



For many people, this term can be entirely new. However, you can understand that Affiliate Marketing is how an affiliate (the publisher) earns a commission for marketing another company’s products or services.

In other words, the publisher makes a contract with one company and writes promotional posts, including links to its website. Finally, they can earn a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

In this situation, the affiliate plays the role of a reviewer who gives useful feedback for your company, enhancing brand reputation and awareness. They can share product links of your website with a compelling introduction or reviews on their websites or other social media channels, attracting more potential customers and bringing more sales for your business.

This final one will cost your company an amount of money to pay for the affiliates compared to other tips. It’s one of the most common and easily measurable methods to win more good reviews with better results in a short period.

For Magento 2 stores, the owners can use the Mageplaza Affiliate Program extension, designed to help control all the affiliate programs and commission tiers, minimize marketing cost, boost sales, and extend brand exposure.

If you do your best to provide excellent service, good reviews will outweigh the bad ones, and your business’ review pages from the affiliate will be a useful tool for prospective customers to find you.



The more reviews you have, the more trustworthy your business appears to uncertain customers. Positive reviews significantly affect consumers’ research process, guide shopping decisions, and behavior, and even impact overall brand perceptions. 

So you must take it seriously to make smart strategies for your company, which will help your store win more positive reviews. Online reviews only help your business gain more and more traction in the Internet world, so take advantage of their opportunities and actively work on your online reputation. 

 If your eCommerce platform is missing the review and rating section or if the existing one is not compelling enough for customers then hire eCommerce developer in India and get yourself an enhanced eStore for a successful business. 

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