98% Client Retention, Voila!

After such an appalling economic downturn, 98% client retention can be a fancy figure for many firms, but at PixelCrayons, it is a feat recently achieved. During quarterly presentation at PixelCrayons, when our Project Management team disclosed last quarters’ client retention figure, we all were thrilled.

However, it has been made possible due to the joint effort of all the respective departments, but we praise our professional coders with great acumen who despite of such a high work pressure and tight delivery schedules give only quality output.

Respective to the fact that we consider all our clients’ testimonials, feedbacks, words of appreciation, reviews very important to us, we also see this recently achieved benchmark as a biggest certificate of trust and proof of our immaculate quality work, from our clients.

It is believed that the reputation of a company can be measured by the number of its satisfied clients, and in this PixelCrayons marches way ahead, leaving many of its competitors far behind.

‘This is a proof that at PixelCryaons our customers get guaranteed satisfaction,’ commented a coder when asked.

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