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Magento is a powerful e-commerce development platform. Magento theme design helps to design powerful online stores which are incorporated with all the necessary and latest features. Magento team is ready to launch Magento Go and Magento Go developer platform soon. Discussed below are all the important details about it.

Magento Go is an online service which allows you to start an e-commerce website easily. It helps the small businesses to build a powerful store to sell the products and services easily online. The best part about Magento Go is that it does not require any technical knowledge or software to use it. There is no server to manage. Thus any business owner can use it conveniently and focus on products and marketing rather than solving the problems that only a web developer can solve. Magento Go handles all the technology so that you can focus on running and growing your online business further.

Magento Go Platform is a platform as a service (PaaS) solution. It allows the Magento developers to build applications for Magento Go. Like any other platform as a service, it also eliminates the need for online merchants to handle the installation, set-up and troubleshooting. It is the delivery of a computing platform and solution stack as a service. It facilitates the deployment of applications without the cost and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software and provisioning hosting capabilities. It provides all the facilities required to support the complete life cycle of building and delivering web applications and services entirely available from the Internet.

With the launch of Magento Go, there is going to be the next evolution in Magento ecommerce development. Some of the key benefits offered by Magento Go to the small and emerging businesses are:

• PCI Level-1 certified solution
• Fully supported by our team of experts via email and/or phone
• Complete Design Control
• Industry-Leading SEO
• Multiple Languages and Currencies support
• Powerful Coupon and Discount Tools
• What you know and love about Magento
• And much, much more

The Magento Go Platform features a full range of APIs that will expose all of Magento’s functionality, both front-end and back-end, to developers. The Platform uses best open standards, such as OpenSocial and OAuth, and developers can use any programming language to create applications. Magento Go is essentially a developer’s dream. It is a standard platform which provides infinite levels of integration, with existing, well developed links with common service providers (SagePay, SecureTrading, ParcelForce, UPS etc.) and a library of web services to integrate with your client’s in-house services. It can remove the reliance on 3rd party extensions, moving all functionality to the core, safe and secure.

But it’s not just developers who will benefit, but also the end-user could reap massive rewards. A centralized database of every Magento stores’ products offers uniformity of data – resulting in quick, painless product population with a wealth of accurate, rich attributes at your fingertips.
Magento Go Apps will work both on our SaaS and the deployed products of Magento Community, Professional, and Enterprise Edition. It will enable the developers to write applications once and deploy them across all of Magento’s solutions. The Platform is going to be launched in beta soon. Magento Go offers a single grade of registration for a nominal yearly fee.

Magento Go is going to be launched this month and it is expected to be used by business owners all over the world irrespective of how big the online store is and how good the store owner is at web design and web development. The future of Magento Go is certainly bright.

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