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Who design the customer care along with it. Don’t you think they all look same, no matter how different the web design of one’s home page is. If you look at the services and the promises made by the vendors, you may observe the orthodox similarity and say that they all have got the same vocal chord, as they all sound same. The reason for this could possibly be the same resources and same art of doing it. Now the question is how to mark a difference from others?

Before sitting against your laptop and google for your answer, just think about the pleasure of being chosen by customer itself, but how? Well, I will discuss this later. The answer for the question in first paragraph comes very easily and I found it from my daily experience. Just think, when you go out in the market and all hawkers surrounds you with the same product, to whom you walk up-to and from whom you repel. A normal social human being likes to get close to the happiness, care, smile, respect and the place where he can get the answers to his queries. Yes you are right, even I think that the one will go to the place where he is likely to get all the listed things and may be more. And depending upon the experience, how fruitful it had been earlier, you will definitely visit the same vendor again without getting disturbed by others and turning down their approaching shouts. But these days everyone is busy in increasing the noise in the market, shout at the fullest of their capability and offering smart discounts in order to intimate the customer before any one else does.

Now some clues for the question in second paragraph is in the terminology “customer support”. If you think that the initial stage of customer service starts after the visitor has agreed to make the deal then, I am afraid it is not so. The moment when customer lands on your landing page through any referral or directly (if you are so popular), the process starts right from there. The friendliness of the web site, the self explanatory content and structure of the site, the designs, images, colors, fonts used, the model of the “order now” or “contact us” form, everything which can help to make the experience of the visitor memorable. All these things constitute some part of initial stage customer service. The list doesn’t ends here but it all depends on the service provider, how long and sweet relationship he wants to build?

Companies are now understanding the gravity of the visitors and now enabling themselves with every possible resource. You might have seen sites with Yahoo!, AOL, Skype, MSN etc icons on contact us page, toll free numbers for the customers to clear their queries. These are the practices followed by the companies to become the customer’s choice and to be chosen by the customer again and again.

As companies are becoming customers centric, many businesses, let them be of any industry are accepting new business models which are customer driven, because it has been experienced that the loss of loosing an old client is bigger then the gain of adding a new one. So, a wise man idea should be to get his web presence established by some professionals rather then from any corner shop to get the cheap deal.

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  1. What a good approach to enhance the after sales services as customer care is the best way to maintain and built a long lasting impact on consumers.It will definitely help to retain the existing customers and also to build up new relation with potential customers.

  2. yes friends, I guess we interpreted the idea . In this race of being ahead of all, the easiest way to sail through the competition is to keep your old customer happy and intact . Providing quality web design is the duty of all service providers. A good customer service can be added feature.

  3. Well! we all know how powerful and effectual word of mouth publicity is. It showers a sense of trust, authentication and instils confidence. This can only be achieved when you have a delighted customer base, which is directly proportional to the quality and consistency of customer support given to them. I thoroughly agree with the psyche of the author, who has aptly communicated the idea.

  4. As increasing competition is forcing businesses to pay much more attention to satisfy customer need.This blog may help the reader to notice the role of “customer support” for any business . 🙂

  5. Agreed to the write up as it totally justifies that customer care should be the topmost priority for each and every business. More satisfied your customer is more are the chances of the proliferation of your business.

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