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Now its time to welcome the latest version of Drupal, as its new version Drupal 7 has entered into the final stage of release after couple of release candidates. Everybody is so exited for the final release of Drupal 7. Previous releases were having outstanding functionality and features and this thing generates more excitement for the new version Drupal 7.

If we talk about the modifications in Drupal 7 in comparison to previous version, there have been done number of modifications in the new version of Drupal. Although most of the changes which have been done are very small in viewer perspective but those changes are of great importance. This article is basically focused on three main areas of Drupal 7.

•    Visible Changes
•    Admin functionality
•    Technical infrastructure

Visible Changes


The first noticeable thing is the visibility of Drupal which is extremely phenomenal as it includes new themes. For the first time in years, new themes have been included in the Drupal release. Garland theme was the only theme which was released and that is also updated to be compatible with Drupal 7. The new themes include:
•    Bartik: This is a default theme.
•    Seven: This is an admin theme.
•    Stark: This is a new starter theme.


Beside themes, administration interface has also been revised in Drupal 7. This is not a simple modification as it is a complete revision of both the interface and the information architecture.

Admin Functionality


Drupal 7 has an integrated installation package that allows you to add new extensions from admin interface. Moreover, inclusion of CCK in the core is one of the finest modifications in admin panel. For the beginner of Drupal, CCK was one of the most popular and robust extension, when added to a Drupal website, enables to create your own content types and to add fields to existing content types. This facilitates website developers to make the admin system so that it can serve the need of certain content. As the strength of CCK is now embedded into the system, there is no need of additional modules for website content.


Technical Infrastructure


The technical infrastructure of Drupal 7 is considered as one of the major revisions of the system. There are so many changes in Drupal 7 in many areas either database or theme. Some are minor changes while some are fundamental and we are much exited to see these changes when they would be flashed on screen.

From a Drupal developer’s point of view, there are various logical improvements in Drupal 7. Some of the major changes are:

1)    Database abstraction layer has been revised that makes it simpler to interact with the database.
2)    Second preprocessing layer is available now that facilitates in creating more advanced preprocessing functions to add variables to modules and themes
3)    The introduction of JQuery UI module that has improved JQuery    functionality to the Drupal system.
4)    More templates are available now.

Drupal 7 is advanced version of Drupal 6 that includes more functionality, more usability, more flexibility, more power, more templates, more technicalities etc. The time is not far when you will be using this new and outstanding version of Drupal.


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