An Insight into the Conversion of PSD to Drupal Theme

Drupal is one of the most powerful CMS which is used to create everything from personal blogs to complex web applications. Moreover, Drupal theme provides an astonishing look and feel to the website. It is not an easy task to create unique Drupal theme, but a professional Drupal developer has the capability to perform the task in the best way. What are the activities behind the creation of unique and attractive Drupal theme? Literally, it is a “PSD to Drupal theme conversion” process. But practically, there are much more activities involved in the creation of Durpal theme.

How to convert PSD based files into a robust Drupal theme?

PSD to Drupal is an entire process in which the files of PSD format are converted into a fully functional and inimitable Drupal theme including PSD slicing and markup coding as well. PSD to Drupal theme conversion is not an easy task as it requires a team of professional Drupal developer. This content is basically focused on the complete insight into PSD to Drupal theme conversion.
The files based on PSD format are converted into the Drupal theme by using robust HTML/XHTML/CSS markup languages. Below are the steps of PSD to Drupal theme conversion.

  1. Open the Photoshop based image design file known as PSD.
  2. Now select slicing tool to slice the PSD based image files into  multilayer.
  3. Once you are done with slicing of PSD files, click on the IMAGE menu to    select the mode for proper color space.
  4. Now, select all the sliced files and save them.
  5. Locate all the sliced files into the same folder where themes are located.
  6. Now, you need to open a new page to perform the coding for PSD into HTML/XHTML/CSS markup languages.
  7. Once you are done with the coding, save the page as ‘home.html’.
  8. Now, open a new page and save as ‘style.css’ to insert stylesheet to the page.
  9. Open a new page and save as ‘style.css’ to add CSS stylesheet to the page. Add before the tag.
  10. Before converting HTML page into fully functional Drupal theme, you need to download and install the Drupal theme.
  11. Now, save these theme files in a new folder.
  12. Now open theme folder and then open the file ‘page.tpl.php’.
  13. Place it just before the <Div> tag.
  14. Save the changes as new file ‘page.tpl.php’ and copy it to style.css into the new theme directory.
  15. There will be no change in the body content of page.tpl.php, it will same as HTML file.
  16. Replace the section of page.tpl.php with dynamic content.
  17. Create a page called as template.php.
  18. Rename function Yourtheme_regions to your theme name.
  19. Here, you are done with the conversion of HTML page into Drupal theme.

Now, once you are done with the PSD to HTML/XHTML/CSS Drupal theme, you have to move on to content customization. One can easily customize the dynamic content with the help of a web interface that is very easy to use. Drupal development consists of the functionality that supports thousands of content types like text, blog, video etc. Moreover, you can change the default theme of Drupal from admin panel by just installing Drupal CMS.

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