Avoid Selecting the Wrong Web Design Company by…

Doing a due diligence of the firm you hire. There are 9 important parameters that need a check before the web design company can be finalized.

Many companies agree that they need a website. By saying so, many people mean that they need a web presence. Ironically, having a website is not about getting web presence; it’s about the success of your business.

The skill of website designing is not just about good HTML coding, but the mastery over the actions of its visitors. The website should be able to hold the attention of its visitors. Good designing also need not to necessarily contain flash or animation but it is more about how well a vendor understands your requirements and business profile before getting it implemented. A website is about tearing down the barriers between you and your clients, by incorporating a combination of maths, science and art to have increased sales conversion rates and ROI.

One of the major annoyances for customers occurs when they receive wide variety of quotes for web design projects. One of the best ways to avoid this is to specify accurately all the aspects of the work to be completed. They can note down the exact specifications for the project and compare them with each proposal.

9 parameters you should take into consideration as you conduct your search for web designing company:

1. Collecting and checking information: In order to make sure the vendor has the necessary experience; examine the company’s portfolio, looking for the projects in the same area or similar area as you are in.

2. Preparing an RFP (Request for Proposal): An RFP helps you to create competition between the potential vendors and, consequently, you get better value. RFP has to be well-planned and effective. If you do it right, you will see your efforts rewarded.

3. Look for a web design firm that has worked with clients in many geographical locations as it will have a more global approach to your web site.

4. Scrutinizing the proposals received based on quality promised, service offered, trust worthiness and support of client, and at last the cost factor. Check whether they have ever dealt with similar challenges to those faced by your company.

5. Check whether the web designing firm has a clearly stated process for designing and development. Also see if they spend enough time understanding your website’s goals, and planning how those will be achieved. Do check whether they have a proper project management team.

6. Getting references: You should contact at least one client of each potential vendor for the information on the quality and promptness of the services rendered.

7. Responsiveness: Ask your vendor how long it takes them to respond to questions about meetings for follow-up. Make sure you know when and who you can reach whenever you need something done. This shows vendor’s service levels.

8. Extend the service: In order your business grow, check whether your vendor’s capacity meet your future requirements. This will also help you to determine whether your potential vendor will be able to live long (maintain a long lasting relationship).

9. Offer more services: It’s easier to deal with one provider than with several of them. If your first experience is successful, and you decide to outsource more projects in different areas, make sure whether this vendor is able to offer you appropriate services.

Just selecting the lowest bidder might make your project fail. It’s true in the market that you will never get high quality products and best services at lowest price. Let me give you another piece of advice, vendors cherish regular customers. So in case you find the price a bit too high, try to figure out the reason behind it.

One more thing you should remember before outsourcing a project is that technology is not everything in itself; it is a means to achieve something. Your website should deliver ROI and it should work as a marketing tool for you.

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  4. With the increase of so many companies it becomes a necessity to analyze and compare a bunch of service providers and the filter to one.

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