Beginning of PSD to HTML Conversion Process- an Overview

About 5-6 years back, only a limited number of companies used to offer markup services. That is why, there was no such competition existed between them. Today, plenty of conversion companies are emerging, creating a cut-throat competition among them, and providing designers a wide variety of options to choose from.

Is the emergence of PSD to HTML conversion companies only an upcoming trend in the world of Internet Marketing or is it a real marketing need? Let’s find the truth behind it:

The time when there were no such companies came into being, the web designs into web pages conversion process was indisputably done without the concept of their outsource. At that time, it was neither a trend nor a requirement. In today’s world of online business, web designing market is on continual rise.

The competition is getting severe and bulk of work and projects orders are flowing in. Such situation is arising to the need of outsourcing coding to the web designers. Outsourcing PSD to HTML/HTML5 conversion coding to someone sounds more professional. It has almost become a trend to outsource a PSD to HTML/HTML5 Company by understanding the market needs, tight schedule and little available time.

The companies normally undergo following processes while outsourcing coding to a web professional:

Take Orders

A professional PSD to HTML/XHTML Conversion Company accepts the designs in all formats including PSD, AI, PNG, PDF and existing markups. The companies are able to implement the designs into themes, CMS, skins and shopping carts.

Order Reviews

To review and consider all orders received is an obligatory step in any project’s commencement. A professional XHTML company is one which professionally assigns the project work to the project manager, review the order and analyze it before commencing it.


The process of conversion begins immediately after the project manager assigns the image file to the mark-up developer.

Quality Assurance

After completing the work, the designer then hands over the work (mark-up) to the testing team, who are supposed to check its quality parameters and browser compatibility.
Though the above mentioned points are not the procedure framed-up for every HTML/XHTML/CSS conversion company, however these are explained in a casual way to execute XHTML conversion for any conversion company.

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