Benefits and Shortcomings of Blogs

For self hosting blogs word press is a well known platform that means any user can user it for personal uses as it is free and easy to run and can choose to custom domain of his own as the desire of the user instead of sub domain name. However, everything comes in this world has both limitations as well as benefits.

Limitations of Blogs
Looking at the drawbacks below, might make you decide to install the downloadable version ( with your own paid domain name and own webhosting.

Limited WordPress Theme

Free WordPress blogs has fixed number of choices and you can’t put any custom WordPress theme. You need to select your themes from a preselected number of themes .You can edit and save the CSS as a paid upgrade. Currently you can select from a large number of beautiful themes, but if you want your own unique design, you need to pay. You must require a rid out of it for complete WordPress development.

No Plugin Uploads

WordPress has Plugin features. Unlike Blogger blogs, You cam do everything here with plugins. WordPress plugin Directory is full of Plugins but many essential plugins are still not in directory and you might not be able to upload them.

No Advertising

If you want to monetise your blog online by advertising programs like Google Adsense, Kontera, Chitika or Text link ads, blog doesn’t allow you in advertising of your blog . To make money by displaying advertising, you need to buy VIP hosting.

Costly Upgrades

If blog grows and gets popular in site traffic and branding beyond the imposed limitations, you need to buy paid upgrades like custom domain name, more storage and hacking wordpress theme.

Violate TOS and Blog Boom

This is most defective disadvantage of it if you violate any of the rules like copyright infringement, spamming, commercial use, automatic blogging. Your Blog will be removed then and there. This is also the main problem with Blogspot Blogs.  That’s the another reason to get Self hosted WordPress blog.

Benefits of Blogs
Nevertheless, it is always good option to start your first blog with it. It is very user-friendly, so users find it easy to work with this CMS platform.

Always free

WordPress is an open source bogging platform so it is totally free of cosy till you want some extra feature in your blog to meet the growing popularity of your blog or for better branding.

Easy to use

The most important characteristic feature of WordPress is its ease to use. Anyone can become expert while playing with the software. It comes with an inbuilt dashboard where users can play with post, category, theme, tools, widget, setting etc.

Spam is No Problem

In blog there is no need to install the multiple Antispam plugins, as there are pre-installed Akismet which blocks spam in the background fighting comment spam is not an issue

SEO Friendly

WordPress is automatically backing up your blogs and with self ping feature. This feature sends ping to different search engines while every time the blog updated. Also there are lots of plugins available for WordPress which can extent WordPress reach. That means Search engines love WordPress. Creating a search engine friendly website on WordPress is like not so easy difficult task for WordPress designers and developers.

Survive Traffic Spikes blog has the ability to bear slashdotted or Duggs with confidence as tit balance your server load and keep your site working inspite of the huge increase in site traffic, whereas a shared hosting site should otherwise crash a server.

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