eCommerce Stores: The Fantastic Ones to Inspire New E-retailers in 2021

Global e-retail sales account for 18% of all retail sales worldwide and are expected to reach 21.8% by 2024. With such an impressive market, we will witness a significant rise in the number of SMEs trying hands-on eCommerce stores.

If you are looking forward to building an eCommerce platform. You have landed on the right page.

Here you will find the following:

  • Top tips for making a great eCommerce store.
  • 21 best examples of online retail stores.

Without wasting time, let us begin with our first topic:

Top Tips for Making Some Fantastic Online eCommerce Stores

 1. Intuitive & attractive U.I. designs

No one wants to buy products from a shabby shop that lacks aesthetic design and ambiance, and web stores are no exception. Attractive U.I. designs are the prime focus for any retail eCommerce web development projects. 

Users visiting any online eCommerce site click on the close icon when the U.I. fails to impress them. In fact, as per web development stats, 47% of visitors judge a store’s credibility based on its design layout. 

To ensure an attractive U.I., chose an eCommerce design company that focuses on the following:

  • Use colors that go with the products and services to instill real-life connectivity for the visitors.
  • Optimum use of blank/white space allowing focus on the prime products, CTAs, etc.
  • An intuitive design and search bar with multiple filters.
  • Search engine optimization-friendly content.

 2. Speed plays a vital role in high UX

When you visit a brand store and find a crowd, chances are you will simply visit another outlet to buy products. ‘Time is money,’ this phrase perfectly fits online retail websites. 

Did you know?

64% of smartphone users simply click on alternatives when a website takes more than 4 seconds to load, says Website Load Time Statistics. Furthermore, even a second delay negatively impacts the client satisfaction rate by 16%.

eCommerce development service providers usually perform the following to enhance your website speed:

  • Optimizing image formats as per need, whether GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc.
  • Compressing & optimizing content.
  • Placement of script references at the bottom.
  • Utilizing browser caching.
  • Static caching of web pages.
  • CSS sprites combining multiple images.

 3. Offer a wide range of options

Whether dealing in a single product or multiple products, offering tons of options is essential to woo the clients. The best eCommerce website examples provide a range of products and services that can be categorized and searched with multiple filters like rate, size, color, material, etc.

Having multiple filters allows users to find the ideal match in no time. Moreover, intuitive navigation of the platform facilitates users to spend quality time on the website without hassle.

 4. Screen size adaptation 

The top 10 eCommerce stores website in the world offers an amazing mobile experience to clients with auto-resizing web content. With more than 50% of retail orders occurring through a mobile device, whether smartphone, tablets, iPods, etc., auto screen resizing is essential to woo clients.

Here is the Top 21 e-commerce Stores List

Having discussed the top features of e-commerce web solutions, let us now look upon how the enterprises prefer to present themselves:

1. Skullcandy

Skullcandy is a renowned brand selling wireless and wired earphones, headphones, earbuds, speakers, etc. The company aimed at the users having a smooth, simple, and enjoyable shopping experience. They achieved it by offering quick and convenient search options to users. Overall, the developed website witnessed a lower bounce rate and high conversions.

The Skullcandy website won the best new website design in 2018 by BigCommerce. Skullcandy instantly reached a 214% growth in revenue & a 122% increase in orders YoY with its latest eCommerce website. The website also has an ‘Inside Skullcandy’ section where the users can learn about the brand values, culture, etc.

2. Black Diamond Equipment

The Black Diamond Equipment is one of the coolest eCommerce stores that deal in climbing, skiing, and snowboarding games. Their platform sells shoes and attires as well related to snow games. In simple as ABC, they are a one-stop solution for snow sports equipment.

The website uses bold and bright images of tourists enjoying winter sports, having fun, etc. Black Diamond Equipment is an excellent example of a website using an optimum amount of blank or white space, so the focus remains on the major selling items and CTAs. 

3. Natori

Natori is one of the best e-commerce stores in the USA dealing in luxury apparel. The company was originally a B2B enterprise selling products to wholesale consumers for the past 40 years. However, the company began leveraging the retail option in the last ten years and developed a mesmerizing eCommerce store.

Natori is an excellent example of a website offering multiple clothing related to women’s wear, right from bras & lingerie, sleep & lounge accessories, etc.   

The eCommerce website has recently declared its passion for achieving higher gains by leveraging the latest eCommerce trends of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, etc.

4. The Candi Factory – One of the top eCommerce stores

The Candi Factory is considered a top Shopify eCommerce store: selling men’s fashion, women’s clothing, masks, and leggings. The website uses a simple white background that showcases its major selling products to users. 

Despite dealing in a limited number of products, Candi Factory makes a yearly revenue of around $4 Million. Overall, Candi Factory is a successful medium size eCommerce enterprise of Canada worthy of listing.

5. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies is one of the most renowned eCommerce stores in the USA, selling casual shoes, boots, dress shoes, sandals, and many more. The company aims to inspire people for a bright life, and the motto reflects on the website design. Hush Puppies use bright pink, yellow, and blue hues with significant white space.

The company witnessed $3.5 million eCommerce sales in 2020 and has a global rank of 11,578 as per eCommerceDB (for the company’s website of Pakistan). The funky brand selling shoes has managed it all with perfection. 

The ideal logo position, multiple categories of products, filters by size, width, color, materials, etc., has made it convenient for users to find the best fit for feet. Hush Puppies’ website depicts how to offer high UX. 

6. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is a beautifully designed website with lively colors and pictures. The California-based ice cream seller tops the list of best U.S. eCommerce sites in high U.I. & UX. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream makes clever use of close product photographs of delicious ice creams.

It offers direct connectivity to the company’s main product for the users. The website page lets you understand how fantastic product images help you build a brand image among the consumers. With $30 million annual revenue, the brand showcases how to make the most of eCommerce platforms.

7. Body Bliss

Body bliss makes use of a minimalistic approach in its eCommerce store design. The company sells a range of skincare products created from natural and sustainable resources. With a headcount of only six employees, the brand manages a million-dollar revenue each year.

The eCommerce portal of Body Bliss has large size images with bigger fonts allowing users to quickly find the product they want to buy. Body Bliss websites teach how to create a successful name in the eCommerce industry even by selling a limited number of products. 

8. Mooshe Socks

Unlike other eCommerce platforms on the list, Mooshe Socks is a top dropshipping store selling cute and comfy socks to people. The company enhances its brand value by offering elegant Mooshe packaging on each order to spice up sales. Surprisingly, the strategy has worked effectively for the firm and has been boosting the conversion rates. 

Mooshe Socks has built up a credible social media image with 95,000 Instagram followers. The website design is intuitive and straightforward, with tons of explicit pictures of socks. 

Mooshe socks offer free shipping on order values above $60 and rank second in the U.S. under planet socks. With an intensive SEO approach and unique socks designs, the company has gained commendable success in less time.

9. Warby Parker

An app’s intuitive navigation & usability plays a crucial role in winning clients, and Warby Parker makes the most out of it. Warby Parker dealing in eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, etc., is a credible example of dedicated Magento e-commerce website development

The website with a simple image and unique content effectively compels users to try Warby Parker products. The home page opens up with an offer to try five glass frames for free, and a short quiz to find the frame of your choice holds the client’s attention with a mighty grasp.  

Warby Parker shows off how to make the most of marketing strategy on your digital store. Its unique marketing strategy builds a solid and engaging bond with the users. The very idea of trying multiple glasses at the comfort of home with zero charges increases the conversion rate for Warby Parker.

10. S’well Bottle

The website of S’well Bottle speaks for all the brand values the company offers to clients. In-depth research and analysis of the target audience helped S’well bottle come up with innovative products. The firm sells products on several USPs, including eco-friendly, triple-layered, zero sweat, etc.

The website effectively depicts how the users can experience joy and pleasure using S’well bottles at home and at parties. The bottle selling platform realizes the scope of personalization and allows clients with printing names & signatures on the products.

The marketing strategy also includes a gifting section over the eCommerce platform. S’well Bottle clearly shows off making the most of an eCommerce with a limited number of sales products.

11. Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty wanted to create a website with high scalability that would fulfill their growing number of consumers. The company trusted Magento 2 services and launched an eCommerce platform that proved both scalable and engaging in nature. The brand noted a significant rise in B2B and B2C conversions with their new eCommerce platform.

 The eCommerce website decreased the page loading time to less than 4 seconds, leading to a lower bounce rate. In contrast, the B2B platform allowed the company to manage different prices over multiple storefronts, all from one admin panel.

12. Ikea Place App – Counted among the top eCommerce stores

Augmented Reality works wonders for any eCommerce store, and IKEA is making the most of it. The furniture selling enterprise took to retail e-commerce app development with A.R. integrated features with a revenue target of $5.9 billion. The IKEA Place app allows users to scan the room or open space from the device’s camera.

After scanning the space, users can try as many as 2000+ furniture items to find the ones that go with the interiors of the area. The 3D rendering of the app produces results with more than 90% of accuracy

A.R.-based app of IKEA enhances its conversion as users gain precise knowledge about the piece of furniture they order online. It gives the freedom to users to find the best selection of furniture for their space.

AR-based features on eCommerce effectively trim down the returning rate of products because the chances of mismatching in product quality promised and delivered gets resolved significantly.

13. Bon Bon Bon

Your mouth fills with water, and cravings for chocolates begin to overpower you the moment you open the Bon Bon Bon official website. As my first line suggests the company deals in artisanal candy created by following years old French recipes. 

The company successfully boosts its conversion with delicious chocolate photographs on display. The web page is filled with vintage and artistic images of creating and wrapping chocolates. Overall, the web design resonates with the brand products and clients. 

Bon Bon Bon follows a unique marketing strategy by targeting the audience with the taste and love for delicious cocoa products. Their marketing strategy has helped them create a niche of clients that value quality over quantity.

14. Sephora 

Sephora is a well-known makeup brand making most of the Augmented Reality to boost sales and revenue. The creative team of eCommerce application development integrated Virtual Artist over the app, allowing users to try different shades and full-face looks before buying them.

The app successfully creates an enjoyable experience for women where they can try multiple looks in a matter of clicks. Moreover, the app also allows them to click selfies that further boost the app’s engaging nature. 

3DTry On allows users to make an informed decision and reduces the returning rate of products, thus boosting sales and revenue.

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15. Bensimon Boutique

Tanya Hamersfeld, the founder of Bensimon Boutique, comes from a family of jewelers. She wanted to sell accessories with a playful twist. The web eCommerce development of Bensimon Boutique reflects her mission and vision as the pages are full of jewelry items with a modern touch.

The jewelry-based eCommerce store is available in multiple languages that enhance the reach of consumers. Jewelry photographs are given a white background to create a serene and calming look for the buyers.

 As per zoom info, the revenue of Bensimon Boutique stands at $10 million with an employee count of a mere 54.  

16. Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods is an eCommerce store with sleek and elegant designs. The e-commerce store development of Tanner Goods is based on the readymade Shopify platform. The company deals in leather belts, wallets, textiles, apparel, etc. The overall design and page layout offer easy navigation to the visitors. 

Like many others on the list, Tanner Goods has a small headcount of employees standing at 42 and a whopping revenue of $4 million. Websites like Tanner Goods have a limited client base willing to pay extra for quality finished products.   

17. Tarot by Seven

Tarot by Seven is unique among this list of e-commerce stores as it sells card reading services to visitors. The website author is famous by the name of Seven Stars and has been practicing card reading since 1987. Her passion for card reading helped her develop Deck of Bastards, a mix of multiple old decks.

Seven Stars gained worldwide popularity in the year of 2012. The website Tarot by Seven produces an eerie & mysterious atmosphere that perfectly fits the kind of services it offers. The homepage provides a video presentation of the Deck of Bastards, which enhances user engagement.

Overall, Tarot by Seven develops a curiosity among the visitors, which leads to more conversion for Seven stars. The website proves a worthy example of the best home business.

18. All Black Shop

All Black Shop is a New Zealand-based eCommerce sports retailer outlet. The eCommerce website development team has done a remarkable job in designing and developing the website by using bold typography and a darker theme. The store is the official platform for the New Zealand Rugby Union and also for all blacks. 

Smooth navigation of the website boosts higher conversion for the online retail outlet. The website has done a remarkable job in developing all-inclusive content for product pages. All Black Shop also has an excellent recommendation section at the bottom of the page. 

19. KliknKlik – Offering everything eCommerce stores need

KliknKlik is one of the great Indonesian eCommerce stores selling electronic devices like P.C.s, tablets, laptops, smartphones, printers, etc. The website has been developed using red, white, and green colors, which goes with the broader section of the target audience. 

Overall, KliknKlik has gone for a minimalistic approach in the website layout and functionalities. A potent buyer can conveniently search for the item he or she is looking for at the top of the homepage. KliknKlik is based on the Prestashop platform.

20. Zoya’s Pantry

Zoya’s Pantry offers an appealing view to visitors. The website design has made extensive use of white, mint, and purple colors and balanced use of blank space. The homepage has opted for medium-sized product images and offers an advanced shop by category section.

The website also has a separate Kosher section for the Jewish community. With little animations spreading all over the website, soothing colors, and a range of culinary products, Zoya’s Pantry impresses visitors in no time. The website is regarded as one of the finest WooCommerce products.

21. Monin

Monin is one of the top eCommerce stores selling a variety of syrups. The firm has emerged as a preferred choice for drink buyers all over the world. Monin offers 200+ combinations of Natural flavors in the form of syrups, fruit mixes, smoothies, frappes, etc., and is selling to top baristas worldwide.  

The website has a modern design with a royal and exotic touch, and the mesmerizing photographs create an engaging experience for web visitors. The Magento-based platform has helped Monin boost sales by 400%. You can also hire an eCommerce developer for a successful website.

Wrapping Up

That was all about the top eCommerce stores worldwide. The list was created keeping in mind high conversion rates, high UX, intuitive U.I., etc. 

We considered both readymade platforms of different technologies like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Weebly Commerce, etc., and customized eCommerce platforms also for the list.

An eCommerce software solutions company in India can develop your project at an affordable budget for readymade platforms and customized ones. 



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