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How to Optimize Conversion Rate For Your E-Commerce Site

How to Optimize Conversion Rate For Your E-Commerce Site
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If you run an online store, your first preference is to boost your sales. To stand out from your competitors, it is very important to have a unique website to convert the site visitors as your customers. You should always focus on how to rank your site higher and make it look attractive. In this blog post, I’ll share with you an informative infographic that depicts some effective ways to boost your sales.


Here are some more effective ways with which you can make your site pages unique and successful:

1. Create unique product pages. By just adding the standard manufacturer’s details you do not stand out from your competitors. There are also many SEO benefits if you create a unique copy for your product.

2. The product title should speak everything about the product. Carefully made unique product titles boost your company’s products on the comparison shopping engines. Always use as many keywords as possible as you never know which search terms the customers might use. Also ensure that you endorse your brand name by using it in the product title.

3. It is very important to mention the availability of the products. As customers should not waste their time in selecting products that are out of stock. For multichannel retailers, always display the stock that is there in the customer’s local store. Moreover, by showing that only few units of the product are left, the customer becomes motivated to buy your product.

4. The view of the picture is very important for every customer. Use high definition, professional pictures to attract more customers.

5. State the price of the product clearly with all the breakups and be clear in stating any taxes or other components while pricing the products.

6. Always mention the size and dimensions of the product along with an appropriate product description. Along with the sizes it is advisable to provide size guides as well. This gives the exact inch by inch description of the product to the customer. Another feature that most of the sites are featuring is the color options available for the products. You can even add pictures of the product with different color options.

7. The ADD TO CART button is the key to conversion. Hence always use a highlighted and clear button for redirecting the customer to the shopping cart. The icon should be of a small size, yet visible on the pages.

8. The final stop after shopping is the payment gateway. It is very important to display the available modes for payment to the customer in a clear and interactive way. You can use logos for depicting the modes. This makes the payment process simplified for your customers.

9. Every customer expects a timely delivery of the products he has paid for. Help your customers to track their products and communicate clearly about the shipping details after the payment is done. The customer’s purchasing decision is largely influenced by this.

10. There should a strong Return policy. A flexible and customer friendly Return policy highly motivates a customer to buy from you even if he is unsure about any details of the product.

11. Good reviews and ratings by the customers also produce a confidence in the customers to buy the product. It speaks about the quality of the product and its happy customers. Good ratings and reviews always get more customers.

12. Another suggestion for a better product page is adding sections like wish list, recommendations, and videos of the product along with a complete view of the product. With these ways you can have a promising conversation rate.


For enhancing you online sales, you should follow above mentioned steps. If you follow above mentioned steps, I’m sure you will get maximum return from your online storefront. If you have any query related to e-commerce website development, you can contact PixelCrayons: A leading e-commerce web development company in India.


Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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