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Importance of Social Media Buttons in Blog Promotion

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Every online business or blog wants to pull off the peak of popularity in order to raise brand awareness and build a positive image amongst the target audiences. However, we have lots of ways to increase the visibility in the world of internet but Social Media has become a most effective option which facilitates us to establish a strong and favorable status. These days, people are excessively using social media, so bloggers and business owners have realized that it would be advantageous to start this form of promotion.

By keeping the popularity of social media in their mind people are using social media buttons to promote their blogs and online business. The clear advantage of having such buttons is that you can obtain an increased amount of traffic as visitors share your content with their different networks. Bloggers install WordPress plugins to include social media buttons in their posts. Generally, they prefer to include these buttons at the bottom of the posts but you can put them anywhere in your post. It allows the readers to easily share your posts through the social media platforms.

The average user of social media networks is between 35 and 44 years old that is a very important target audiences’ group for the blogs. People from this age group are actively involved in social media as it provides them a great medium to express and share their views. On social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, people can get in touch directly with bloggers, ask queries, and provide feedback and suggestions regarding the posts. The more visitors interact, the better can bloggers respond to the needs and expectations of their viewers. This interaction enables bloggers to conduct some research and optimize their blogs accordingly.

Social media platforms are very helpful to promote and announce events organized by bloggers. For example, a bloggers arranges a cookery contest for his recipe blog, and if a user is interested in this contest, he/she will click the “Like” button for this event on the blog’s Facebook page. Instantly user will share the event with all his friends and contacts on Facebook. This small budget social media activity will provide a heavy support to that blog.

On Twitter, bloggers can “tweet” news and information. Users can “follow” the blogs and directly get in touch with blog owners. This interaction also allows bloggers to increase their visitors and contact with their viewers. Bloggers can directly respond to their visitor’s inquiry and feedback. Before using Twitter remember that “Tweets” can contain only 140 characters. So, a link to the full article on the blog is recommended to cover the topics thoroughly. Company Blog is a very important social media tool. Though Facebook and Twitter are good for short and simple texts, a blog is helpful to cover more complex topics. A detail and complete information about a product or a business related topic can increase the number of visitors to the company homepage and enhance the possibility to achieve new customers.

Making a social media marketing plan for a blog can either be simple or it can be complex. A social media marketing strategy can include three simple steps: See- What is today’s circumstances, Think- identify goals and objectives, and Draw- make a plan to achieve the goals. So, if you are planning to start a blog, then you should perform some detailed research and analysis. Once you have decided the trend for your blog whether it is for business purpose or for enjoyment, now it’s time to work out on a plan. Therefore, start gathering some valuable information to maximize the probability of success. Always keep in mind that interesting blog content is essential. So, think carefully about the topics that you want to write on. Never forget that quality is more important than quantity. Moreover, approachable and friendly behavior is vital, so bloggers have to make sure that they are immediately replying to comments and queries. This will encourage the readers to share the blog and its contents.

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