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The Mystery of Finding Original Content for Your Blog Solved

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When it comes to the blog, content certainly is the king. In fact the very essence of developing a blog is to own a medium to connect your writings with the users in general. Presently a lot of stress is being laid on getting the quality content for the blogs. Recent times have seen a tremendous growth in terms of online bloggers and writers hence the users are actually running out of the original ideas to develop the content on and write about. In this write up, we shall discuss various ways to find inspirations and original ideas for developing the content and how users can exploit the same.

Before we get started with the ways of getting the ideas for fresh content, we must get our approach right.

What is the purpose behind writing the blogs?

Once upon a time bloggers used to be just bloggers and blogs used to be the means sharing their entries. However, due to the wide spread commercialization of everything bloggers too have turned into businessmen and their blogs into money making machines.

We are not against commercialization. In fact it is a handsome deal worth exploiting if your best friend, Mr. Blog helps you earn some money while doing something you simply love to do. However, the problem arises when you stop writing content for users to read and start writing in order to ensure high rankings of your blog and payments through Google adsense etc.

Great quality content lies within!

And it certainly does. Remember the old days, when you had just begun with the blogging world. Everything was anew and more than a professional writer, you were like a child let loose in the toy store. You would hardly need an inspiration to write. In fact writing on the blog and sharing it the users who would wait for your posts and share their experiences, was an inspiration enough to let you write.

That was an era before you were hit by the evils of commercialization, but soon the need and greed to make more money out of the blogs empowered the novice nascent writer inside you and soon you ran out of the ideas.

Even now the best of the stories and write ups that one can encounter are based on self experiences. Look at any popular blog and it will contain various stories pertaining to personal experiences and how enriching they were.

We all have experiences, each and every moment. Its just that with time our vision becomes too cluttered to gauge the same. Below are mentioned some ways to generate original and quality content.

1.Great content is lying within –

As they say, you got it in you, just find it within. Before writing the content, let yourself loose and release any sort of pressure. Just concentrate on the topic, how exactly it appeals to you and what you feel about it. Your blog is the way where you express yourself. When you are blogging, you can talk about your own personal experiences. What you felt after watching a movie, how did it an otherwise insipid idea actually proved out to be really beneficial for your organization, how did a song made you feel, the losers you have dated in your life and what really makes them losers, the 6 Grammy award win of Adele and a lot more. Each and every day, you will have a number of ideas to write quality content on, only if you remain open to the same.

2. Your social awareness –

One of the reasons that determine the popularity of a writer, is their ability to express about issues and concepts which are prevalent in the society. Even if you are not some sort of social bee, you must still be having a social circle. And that social circle, by the way has a circle of their own as well. All you have to do is switch on the chatter inside of you and communicate with your social circle as much as possible. Any issue that is relevant and prevailing in the social scene can give you the topic of your next blog post. However, be attentive as not to step on the personal lives of people. You are a blogger and not a gossip monger.

3. New trends and researches –

Be aware of the new researches being conducted globally. The research may be about the new technology, discovery of a gene that causes unstable relationships, research on the behavior of teenagers, adults, children so on and so forth. Be aware of the same and determine their relevancy in the your life and lives of the people in general and hence forth blog about the same.

Hope this helps you in getting new ideas for your blog content.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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