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WordPress 4.1 – ‘DINAH’

WordPress 4.1 – ‘DINAH’
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On December 18th 2014, WordPress had released all new WordPress version 4.1, named after a popular Jazz singer Dinah Washington as ‘Dinah’. This new version is available as a manual download and as an update in the WordPress dashboard.

All new features that are available in the WordPress 4.1 :

1. New default theme :

The new theme, twenty fifteen, is a blog focused theme, which will be a great help for the WordPress bloggers as it provides more clarity. Twenty fifteen is a responsive theme which will fit to the screens of your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Twenty fifteen is giving a good language support, with the help of Google’s Noto Font Family.

2. Distraction free writing :

WordPress 4.1 comes with a distraction free writing mode which allows you to write what’s there in your mind while all the distractions will not be present at that time. There are a lot of editing tools that will allow you to edit your file easily.

3. Inline image editing :

WordPress 4.1 will allow you to with the alignment and the editing directly with the help of the Inline image editing toolbar.

4. Vine embed :

WordPress 4.1 comes with a vine embed feature which will allow you to embed videos through their respective URLs.

5. Plugins :

WordPress 4.1 comes with a new feature of plugin recommendations. On your WordPress admin dashboard, you will find a recommendation option from which you can choose the most suitable plugin for your website. It also gives you the suggestions based on the plugins that are already been used by you on your website.

6. Language support :

When you are installing the new version, it allows you to choose a particular language. It also allows you to switch and choose from more than 40 languages that are spoken all over the world even after the installation is done.

7. Session user interface :

This new feature of the WordPress 4.1 will be a great help with the security issues. It will detect all the active sessions that are going on and log out of all the other inactive sessions hat can be laptop, smart phone or a desktop from which you might have forgotten to log out.

8. Features for developers :

  • Its a big relief for the themes and plugins developers as it allows them to use the nested clues, conditional statements and multiple operators within your date, meta and term queries.
  • A WordPress theme developer should definitely go for the new version as it will allow you to control the document title without taking into account the auto generated title tags.
  • It will allow you to create JavaScript API using the customized API.

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