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WordPress Made Sharing Easy with its New ‘LIKE’ Feature

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Now ‘Like it!’ if you really like it.

Yes! It’s not Facebook ‘Like Button’ we are talking about, but a new feature which is now available at the bottom of each WordPress powered blogpost. This ‘Like’ button at the bottom of the blog post will show the ‘Gravatar’ of each person who has liked your blog post and which when clicked will take you to the profile of that particular person if made public.

Another best thing which it does is that it saves that particular post in your dashboard under your “Posts I Like” section so that you can read it at leisure, use it for your reference or share it around your network. In case you don’t want to expose the ‘like’ button at the bottom of your post, you can switch off under “Appearance > Extras.”

Along with this, you can also keep a count of ‘how many likes?’ did your post attract. For this, you just have to activate “like count” column on the “Posts > Edit Post” screen. This will enable the post count on each post and you can see the total numbers of count right next to the total comment count.

To churn out the real benefits of this feature, you should have a Gravatar profile with updated details, a picture and link to your blog. Don’t forget to keep the information public.

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