We were established in 2004 and have been working diligently ever since, to provide better solutions to our clients. There have been situations when we thought we won’t be able to make it, but we didn’t look back and made it; when relations with few clients seemed to end on a sad note, but with our dedicated efforts, ended up on a happily-ever-after note. We know that while we have achieved many things, a lot still has to be done. But we are proud to be serving our clients and to be a part of web development industry for nearly a decade.

If you’re running a company, you know what goes into each and every thing – often times things take a toll on your health but then it all seems worth if everything gets back on track. But what’s most disappointing is to see your hard work being used by your competitor. It might happen around the world, but it was, is and always will be unacceptable, demotivating your employees, taking away their focus from work and compromising your uniqueness.

That’s what we have been feeling since one of our competitors, Daffodil, copied our landing page. We contacted them several times but they didn’t answer. Though we managed to get over the phone with their senior online marketing manager and he assured that they’ll change their page, nothing happened even then. So, they have left us with no other option but to share the issue with you.

What actually happened

The senior emarketing manager at Daffodil used to work with us. This means he knows every thing we did here when he was around. To get off with his new company’s own Adwords project quickly or maybe to leverage an already successful strategy, which wasn’t devised by him in the first place, he copied PixelCrayons‘ landing pages blatantly.

Who’s to be blamed

We don’t want to specifically target Daffodil’s senior emarketing manager. We are disappointed with the company as a whole, which in spite of committing a grave mistake has ignored our polite requests all together.

What has been copied in the landing pages?

  • Styling,
  • Header,
  • Content placement,
  • Call to action,
  • Features,
  • Layout,
  • URL structure, and above all
  • Overall concept.

Here’s one example of the landing pages copied:

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