With the rapid increase of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases across the world, we are working from home to ensure our employees’ safety and make sure our client’s business won’t suffer.

Let’s understand our preparation and action to combat Covid 19 through FAQs:

1. What preventive measures are you taking to keep your employees away from COVID- 19?

  • We are educating our employees regarding the symptoms and prevention of Coronavirus.
  • We take special care for maintaining overall hygiene and cleanliness at the workplace.
  • Employees have been given the option to work from home if they are coming from public transport.
  • Hand sanitizers and masks have been provided to the employees.
  • We are keeping ourselves away from public gatherings and social events for this time period.

2. What are you doing to keep your premises germ free?

  • We are encouraging our employees and housekeeping staff to routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as keyboards, remote controls, desks, countertops, and doorknobs and sanitize them with disinfectants.
  • We also provide disposable wipes so that workers can easily wipe down commonly used surfaces. 
  • We are also cleaning our washrooms and floors frequently.
  • We are using disposable cups/glasses for liquid intake.

3. How are you ensuring uninterrupted deliverables during this phase?

  • We have facilitated our employees with the required hardware and software so that they can work from home. 
  • We have provided our employees with proper training to use tools to avoid any communication gap while working from home. 
  • We are accessing through VPN’s etc so that our send message data and servers stay encrypted and safe.
  • For effective security, we have kept pseudo resources. 


In this critical situation, we are committed to keeping our work going without affecting the health of our employees. We hope that the situation becomes normal very soon.

For any other query, you can contact us 24X7!


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