Coolest IoT Devices Around Us That Have Made Our Lives Easier

It’s true that today’s generation has turned sluggish and wants everything to be done in a fraction of a second without taking any physical burden. The world of smart connectivity has gone beyond the smartphone, smartwatches, and intelligent vehicles. IoT devices

Tech enthusiasts and users believe that connectivity opens up new possibilities. With this post, you will get to know about some of the coolest IoT devices around us that are amazing to us with unimaginable yet acceptable functionalities and features.

Going With the Recent Stats


A survey by the Statista Research Department predicts that by 2025, there would be a threefold increase in IoT-connected devices in use as of 2019. The number of IoT devices will be around 75 billion in number, and the people around will be embracing it with open arms.

North America is where the number of IoT-enabled devices is going up with each passing year. They are keen on adopting more connected gadgets and are likely to lean more on smart devices to automate taxes.

Neil Gross 1999 said that “Planet Earth will use the internet as a scaffold to support and transmit its sensations.” It seems to be correct as the new wave of IoT is on the market with a lot of cool real-life applications.

Earlier, these devices and thoughts were fantasy or an object from a sci-fi movie, but now, today’s generation is enjoying this reality.

Now, let’s dive into the world of the coolest IoT Devices Around Us.

1) Google Home Voice Controller – The Most Popular IoT Device

How will you feel when you will be able to control things around you with the help of your voice? The advancement in technology has made it possible, and the answer is IoT-enabled Google Home Voice Controller.

Cost: US $130

Google HomeVoice Controller has acquired a strong place in the world of voice-controlled speakers. It brings Google search and voice-controlled expertise together and promises everything the user demands.

Similar to Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Siri, users can enjoy features like media, lights, alarms, thermostats, volume control, and much more just with your voice.

Some of its cool features:

  • You can control both the TV and speaker at the same time.
  • Plan your days and get things done automatically with ease.
  • Manage alarms and timers

It uses the voice-recognition system google assistant to listen to your ongoing conversation. The Voice controller will respond only when you speak out with “Hey Google” or “OK Google.” 

Google is a common word which we address in a day with our fellow mate or family person. But the case is different here because it does not accidentally trigger the device if you speak the plain single word “Google.”

2) Amazon Echo Plus Voice Controller – A Top IoT Device

Like Google’s Voice Controller, Amazon’s echo voice controller is a reliable IoT device capable of playing songs, making phone calls, managing questions, and providing other information.

Manage your to-do and other shopping lists with Amazon’s echo voice controller, and your life will become easier and lethargic at the same time. At the same time, it can control smart lights, locks, plugs, and many other things that you won’t have imagined yet.

Alexa is the best example of an IoT-enabled IoT device where you can change the wake word form, Alexa, to “Amazon” or “Echo” or “computer.”  You just need wi-fi to connect to the internet, and you are all set to go with Alexa, be it setting your alarm, streaming podcasts, or playing audiobooks. This fantastic device built by Amazon costs you around $100.

3) Mimo Monitors – One of the Coolest IoT Devices

Mimo Monitors ensure that the world becomes more interactive with small touchscreens, flexible innovation, and human connection.

They have launched a new type of infant monitor where the parents can have an insight into real-time information about the baby’s sleep, breathing patterns, body position, body temperature, and other activity levels.

It uses sensor technology to monitor the action of babies, the device is available in flexible, simple, and create customized solutions ranging in screen size from 7-to 21 inches.

4) Awair – Smart Air Quality Monitor IoT Devices

Is it possible to communicate the quality of air inside your living room? With Awair, the smart air quality monitor, you can analyze your indoor air quality and communicate with other home appliances to achieve optimal air quality.

These super cool yet useful IoT devices will inform real-time air quality data and metrics at your fingertips. With this, people can learn to mitigate viruses and secondary ailments and keep their families safer.

5) Beddit – The Most Useful IoT Device

Instill the best habits in yourself with the help of Beddit, an IoT-enabled application that quickly analyses the sleeping pattern and gives sleep tips to have a sound sleep. You will get timely insights and reminders, which you must know to make good sleep a habit.

It enables accurate and automatic tracking of your sleep so that you can better manage, measure, and improve your sleep.

All you need to do is sleep, and Beddit will handle the rest. The band is 2mm thin and hidden under the sheet; just keep the USB adapter always ON, and it will deliver technical specifications like snoring measurements, heart rate measurements, sleep analysis, nightly results, and sleeping trends.

6) Nest Protect – Smoke and CO Detector

Install Nest Protects in your home with the help of your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Here, CO is monoxide, which is easily detected by the sensor available in Nest Protect.

You will be able to figure out where the problem is quick. Is it smoke, CO, or burned paper?

It has a split-spectrum sensor that tests itself automatically and lasts up to a decade. Nest Protect thinks before utter. This way, you can prevent your burning toast from becoming a burning toaster.

It will alert you about the dangerous area, whether in the bedroom, balcony, or downstairs. It checks both slow and fast-burning fires by using a two-wavelength of lights. This helps in detecting the fast-burning fire and even the minute smoldering fires. 

7) Philips Hue Ecosystem

Bring your smart home back to life with a range of smart devices from the Philips Hue Ecosystem. It offers a wide range of smart devices ranging from smart bulbs, lights, sensors, switches, and starter kits.

Cost: US $30 to US $100

Connect with a range of smart devices from Philip Hue as they connect easily with the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Homekit. Create and enhance immersive entertainment experience by synchronizing Philips Hue LIght with the entertainment content.

Being one of the best IoT devices brings colors and life to your home by simplifying things. You can create the right ambiance for your moments by tuning your everyday lighting into an extraordinary experience.

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8) Disney World Magic Band – One of the Amazing IoT Devices

Disney World Magic Band is a perfect example of IoT and Big Data combined. It is a sensor-enabled magic band that enables Disney World visitors to travel lighter throughout the vacation.

Visitors can quickly check into the hotel room, buy rides, and reserve a spot at a specific attraction of their choice. When the users wear this fabulous plastic bracelet, it provides a way to connect data to guests. 

Disney collects data about the visitor’s movements and delivers a smooth experience to them by allocating sufficient staff for rides and attractions.

Take Away

Over time, we have seen IoT devices have been used in vast sectors like consumer products, logistics, infrastructure, industrial machinery, and connectivity.

It is a trending and cool technology nowadays and is making headlines throughout the world. People are getting more reliant on IoT-enabled devices and can’t even imagine a moment without them.

Above, we have discussed some of the coolest yet most useful IoT devices that have revolutionized almost every industry, and the time is not too far where we will see every individual using these devices for intelligent and connecting life.

So, what are you thinking about next? Just move on and turn your simple devices into the coolest and trending IoT devices by getting in touch with a top IoT app development company in India.

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Q1- What are the advantages of IoT devices?

A1- IoT provides accurate information for better decisions across a range of industries helping in improved product qualities in manufacturing, device predictive maintenance, improved environmental management, raising supply chain tracking, and tracking human health.

Q2- Which is the best IoT development company in India?

A2- PixelCrayons provides the best IoT development. Therefore, PixelCrayons is the best IoT development company in India. The company has also been awarded by Deloitte and Nasscom and holds 16+ years of experience in the IT industry.

Q3- What is the future of IoT?

A3- From automation to smart cities, IoT has its applications everywhere. In the future, we can expect to see its applications in advanced security and surveillance, supply chain management, inventory and warehouse, facility management, smart products, and the list goes on.

Q4- Are IoT projects very costly?

A4- If you choose PixelCrayons for your IoT development projects you can save up to 60% on development costs without compromising the quality of the project.

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