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Web designers and their creativity have evolved a long mile now. Tracking down the past we see that many new changes and discoveries have been made in the world of designing. We see many designers experimenting with colors, fonts, backgrounds, images and hence coming up with new presentational skills of their design. Today while designing any design the designers not only think about making it jazzy and flashy but they also work on how to initiate talking with their visitors via their creative work.

Now new designs with better objectives are being formulated to involve viewers in discussions and get their suggestions. So far many articles have been written on tips n tricks of web design. The experimentation in every field is becoming so common that many designers are trying marketing techniques like A.I.D.A i.e., attract/attention, interest, desire and action.

Now when a design is made, the idea does not come from one mind but a group of minds. Whenever any company decide to launch its site or service/product, a separate dedicated team discuss on its online presentation. Many products/services are very much conducive to AIDA, a marketing technique. For those who have little idea of AIDA, let me explain you what is it actually.

  1. Attract/Attention: – It’s all about keeping your best foot forward. Design your website in such a way that whenever a visitor lands up on your site, he gets what he was looking for. Keep the hook in the very beginning of your website which can gain the attention of your visitor and keep him glued. Put the attraction in open so that people can see, explore and come.
  2. Interest: – Now the time is to start embracing the visitor in your well knitted net. Tell him the features you are giving to him. Increase his interest by showing him everything he wants but hide everything you got. Reveal your advantages over others step after step, increase his curiosity and let him come close to you click after click.
  3. Desire: – Don’t kill the desire of your visitor by telling him all the benefits which you are either giving or not giving, at once. Tell him all what he is looking for and how only you can deliver the same package of goods/service, exactly, even though you might not.
  4. Action: – Time for action. Now that the visitor has done every thing right from listening to understanding, what you want him to do? Do you want him to ‘register’ or ‘sign-up’ for something or you want him to take a ‘tour’.

Now if you say that the above mentioned steps sounds like a marketing concept and have a broader applicability, I have this to say- ‘the above process can only be accomplished when both the team i.e. marketing as well as designing team joins hands.

The main reason behind this is, when a visitor lands on any page of the website the very first thing that hit him is website design. Before he can even start reading the content of the site, his sub conscious mind will give him a clue of the quality of the site depending on the website design he has seen just a nano-second ago.

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    After reading through this article, I just feel that I need more information on the topic. Could you share some more resources please?

  2. right, now days designing alone is not a matter of an individual alone( if you are designing for some website). The competition has grown much that people are mixing few concepts and coming up with variety to stand alone and mark a difference from others. I have seen may websites using this practice in their service and all.

    Nice post.

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