Drupal 6.17 Now Available

Technology is just a quest for one more improvement.  Drupal has become one of the most widely used and accepted CMS Solutions, thereby increasing the number of Drupal solutions Provider. Drupal community is making advancements in this technology very rapidly. The Esteemed Drupal Community is proud to announce the release of  Drupal 6.17.  Drupal 6.17, a maintenance release fixing issues reported through the bug tracking system, is now available for download. You must be thinking that Would it be worth shifting to Drupal 6.17! The answer is Yes,  it is recommended that you upgrade your existing Drupal 6 sites.

How it is better than Drupal 6.16

— It has resolved the issue of incompatibility of Drupal 6.16’s lock subsystem with some contributed modules.
— In total there were about 55 patches committed to improve Drupal 6.

Highlights of the Release—

The main features of new and improved Drupal include:

  • Improvements of session cookie handling
  • Better processing of big XML-RPC payloads
  • Improved PostgreSQL compatibility
  • Better PHP 5.3 and PHP 4 compatibility
  • Improved Japanese support in search module
  • Better browser compatibility of CSS and JS aggregation
  • Improved logging for login failures


Now Incompatible Changes introduced by Drupal 6.17


  • ‘example.com’ if you want sessions to apply to the example.com domain, and none of its sub-domains (especially not www.example.com)
  • ‘www.example.com’ if you want sessions to apply to the www.example.com domain, and none of its sub-domains nor parent domains (especially not example.com)
  • ‘.example.com’ if you want sessions to apply to the example.com domain and all its subdomains (www.example.com, mydomain.example.com, etc.)

PixelCrayons (CMS Solutions Provider) congratulates the Drupal team on this new release.

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