Drupal 7.0: An Enhanced Version of Drupal CMS

In the present date, where there is so much emphasis on growth and development, even a content management system for the website cannot afford to remain stagnant. Realizing the same need to grow and develop, one of the most powerful content management systems for websites, and undoubtedly the best available solution for developing large scale and extensive websites – Drupal CMS design, has undergone a complete overhaul. The new and improved version of the same – Drupal 7.0 has been duly revealed to the web designers and developers and many of the Drupal Developers have even started utilizing the services of the same in order to build highly competitive website. The write up brings you closer to all the new and advanced features of the Drupal CMS.

Limitless customize Options-

The new and advanced Drupal 7.0 provides you with easy and reliable options for developing and customizing your website up to no limits. The newly developed Drupal provides the features of customization with its custom fields and views.

Advanced Usability

Though the previous Drupal was quite intimidating for the users, especially with the users without technical knowledge, however the new Drupal CMS design offers its users a lot of advanced usability features with ultra simplicity and comfort. It provides easy drag and drop options in the admin bars and the one can easily integrate the WYSIWYG editors in the Drupal design. With the new Drupal design, the users can edit the existing page links elements from the administration panel, the password strength validator has been remodeled, and a lot of other such features. The previously saved settings can now be easily located as the new CMS design is much more systematic and organized and thus, these developments will help the users with a very comforting Drupal experience.

Improved Ways to Manage Images

The newly designed Drupal Development provides the users with the options to create visually tantalizing image galleries and provides the users with amazing options to manage the images on their Drupal powered website. The new version has taken the image management into its very core and the users can easily style and resize the photographs to be included in the blog posts, photo galleries and etc.

Superior Options for Security

Security is not a concern with the advent of the latest model of Drupal. The brand new Drupal development is much more secured than the previously available model. The advanced security options are ensured by improved password systems, advanced and superior features for login into your Drupal account, implementing the previously scheduled tasks right on time and more securely and strict security options for updating and customizing the Drupal modules online.

Implementation of Advanced Features

The new and advanced features pertaining to the performance has been implemented in the new Drupal 7.0, various hardcore improvements have been made in documentation, handling of files, testing the coding structures and related material, handling the images (as discussed above), news aggregator (with the addition of OPML import functionality, inclusion of functions related to feed updates), various search options – which now includes support for various language and language aware searches and lastly the theme systems – a Drupal Developer will now have 3 new themes to customize and develop extensive websites based powered by Drupal.

New and Improved Administrative Area

Like said above, the administrative area is not as intimidating as it used to be and has been strategically redefined to provide the users with improved functionalities and ease of use. The tools provided in the new administrative area have been thoroughly tried and tested and have been validated to work smoothly with the advanced tools.

With such high ended and highly required improvements being made in the core deign of Drupal CMS Design, the Drupal Developers has enough options and freedom to develop highly competitive and robust web applications. The websites designs can now be made highly distinguished and stand apart in the crowd of web world.

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