E-Commerce Development Trends in 2021

The e-commerce market is booming year after year. Nowadays many people are making purchases from various eCommerce websites. According to stats by Statista, online shopping in the US alone has generated 392.5$ billion in the year 2017 and this figure is expected to increase by 500$ billion per year in 2021 following by the year 2019 and 2020.

With rising competition, business owners want to make their website more attractive yet functional for their users. The latest development trends and technologies in eCommerce have allowed developers to integrate various new technologies in their eCommerce website.

By using the latest technology trends, eCommerce development companies want to improve the user experience of online shopping drastically. It is impossible to see what we are seeing currently in the development field a couple of years ago. Here are some of the top, eCommerce development trends that businesses should follow in 2021.

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1. Virtual Sales Assistance


There are many customers who like to do online shopping but many of them miss the personalized experience of having interaction with sales assistance. That is where the virtual assistant plays an important role. It allows customers to comment, question, and concerned could be answered on a real-time basis.

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All the basic questions related to customer queries can be answered by the bots which can be programmed to learn how to respond to various customer queries. Moreover, other complex queries and issues can be answered by sales staff and manager.

2. Improved Return Processes

One of the main drawbacks of online shopping is the inability of customers to test or hold products and to try on clothing. It leads to a higher rate of return as one in three orders. The most anticipated eCommerce development trend to look out for in 2021 is an automated return processing system.

The automated return system allows returns based on software solutions which can be integrated within the eCommerce store and offers customers a very user-friendly portal to return their products in a simple manner.


3. Mobile Shopping will Reach New Heights

More and more customers in the coming years will be using their smartphones and tablets for making purchases online. According to Gartner, mobile eCommerce revenue in the US was grown up to 50 percent with the help of mobile engagement behavior. Also, Gartner found that mobile commerce generates 22 percent revenue from digital commerce.

Developers have to be careful while thinking about creating payment methods for an eCommerce website which can be seamlessly integrated into online stores optimized for smartphones only.

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4. E-Commerce Messenger App

One-to-one communication has increased. More businesses are sending their contents, promotions, and information using messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and much more.

Messaging apps is just similar to Email, where businesses can send messages to their customers. The messages which come from the messaging app is often treated by users with more regard as compared to email.

The customers who will sign up for services like this will mostly be more engaged with that particular brand. Furthermore, there are fewer brands who use messenger apps.

While many of the top E-Commerce websites use live chats on-site, messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter are important tools for better customer service. Therefore, this will be one of the top eCommerce development trends in 2021.

5. Increased Security for eCommerce Development

All the added benefits of online shopping for customers will do little until and unless the details of customers are safe and they feel secure while making various purchases online.

Online details and credentials are becoming valuable to customers and for that eCommerce, security is very important. Moreover, hackers, these days are paying more money in order to exploit social accounts, gain information, and steal credit card information.

As the eCommerce websites popularity is increasing it is important for eCommerce players and vendors to authenticate details of its users with one extra password. Or just enable two-factor authentication.

6. Internet Of Things (IoT)

In recent research by Mckinsey, it has found that using IOT in eCommerce websites will help in increasing revenue between 410$ billion to 1.2$ trillion by the year 2025. With the help of IOT eCommerce websites can use connected devices for communicating with their customers, tracking their behaviors and sending the new offers and promotions.

IOT has been on a rise since the last five years. With the help of this many eCommerce development companies can connect to various clients around the globe. All they need is the connected devices where the user can access the E-Commerce website.


So, these are the eCommerce development trends which will be followed in the coming year 2021. A connected shopping experience is what customers are demanding these days. Whether it is a one-click purchase, virtual sales assistance, Internet of things, Messenger app, mobile shopping, etc., ecommerce web development trends are changing at a rapid pace and many businesses and brands have started adopting it to stay competitive.





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