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5 Points to be Considered Before Launching An Online Store

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Online store is a great way to reach the global audiences and increase the sales opportunities. By launching an online store you can save set-up and operational costs. Renting a high street premise, hiring shop assistants and answering numerous pre-sales queries are not required in an online business. Unlike physical retail shop, here you are not restricted by floor space, and you can display as much products as you want. With ecommerce web development, you can compete with larger companies by being available 24*7.

So, if you have a great idea and want to move towards this direction, it is essential to go in for the services of a reliable ecommerce web design company. Creating an effective web store requires experience, determination, attentiveness and careful planning. However, trustworthy ecommerce website development companies try to give the best results possible, but merchants should also take care of several features like web store’s design and safety measures.

5 Fundamental Points

Online Store Design: The design of your online store is very important for its success. Make sure it is unique, attractive and user friendly. Choose a color scheme, fonts and over all look that make it distinguish from millions of others already existing websites. Be sure that it is easy to navigate and all hyperlinks are working correctly. Check your web pages to avoid typos and grammatical errors. Ensure that your ecommerce web design company is adding some effective graphics and relevant videos. It will help you to produce more traffic and will present your viewers a quick source of information.

Marketing Plan: However, there are many different ways to market an online store but search engine optimization (SEO), paid search ads (PPC), social media and e-mail marketing are the most effective ways. For the success of your online store, it is vital to start learning and implementing these methods. Additionally, try to make an impact on social media sites such as by receiving “likes” on Facebook, or followers on Twitter. Remember that marketing of online business is different than physical business, and requires lots of patience, time and knowledge of some key tools.

Transactions: Before launching your online store think about which payment and shipping options will you provide to the customers. Find out shipping charges, handling charges and calculate taxes. Think about maintaining gift cards and promotion code discounts. Determine your turnaround time and how will you achieve that target. Create a merchant account so that your online store can securely process credit cards and other transactions. Make sure that your merchant account is able to accept at least top three credit cards, accept bank drafts, and process Paypal accounts.

Security: To enhance the performance of your online store, it is essential to protect it against fraud. Ensure that your website is taking all the required safety measures against fraudulent actions. Ask your ecommerce web design company to provide appropriate security features for all online transactions. It is important because if anything will go wrong, it is the merchant who will bear the loss. Plan to have a privacy policy of the customers’ information in the management of your data, and clearly inform the customers about it. This is really helpful way to build trust of the customers.

Customer Service: To run a successful online store, managing customers is a crucial task. So, make a plan to provide higher level of customer service. Make sure that your ecommerce website development company is providing your contact details separately and clearly, so that the customers can contact you if they have any problem or query. Also, mention that what time of the day they can contact. Plan to track and manage customer problems, and how to stay in touch with them. To build customer confidence, you can offer them “returning the product” option in case of defect, poor condition, etc.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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