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Want to Outshine Competitors?

In present scenario, to set up an online business can be a lucrative way to attract visitors, to expand the potential market and to enhance the sales volume. In today’s online business environment, various web development companies are offering ecommerce solutions to develop the online business. Some of the most popular ecommerce solutions are Magento, Mambo, Oscommerce, Zencart etc.

Oscommerce shopping cart is one of the most popular and powerful ecommerce web development solution, which is used to outset an online shop. It is an open source solution, so it can be downloaded from the internet with no cost. Oscommerce is consisting of lots of exciting features which enable you to build and maintain your ecommerce shop with less effort.

Furthermore, it is one of the most versatile ecommerce shopping cart solutions which offers a wide range of custom ecommerce development solutions to online store owners, depending on their need and that too at affordable prices. Oscommerce shopping cart solution is loaded with number of features, required to onset a successful online web store. There are so many advantages of using Oscommerce as a shopping cart solution in order to start an online shop. Some of the most useful advantages of using Oscommerce shopping cart solution are: –

1.    It is an open source solution with various useful features.
2.    It is very supportive in processing a wide range of credit-cards and shipping services.
3.    It can manage large numbers of products.
4.    Numbers of modules are available.
5.    The software also provides security in their accounts in order to protect all the information about them.
6.    Multi-currency support from exchange rate server.
7.    Zone-based shipping options as well as free shipping options are there.
8.    It is compatible with all major browsers.
9.    There are multiple payment gateways.
10.    It has an ability to add Search engine friendly (SEF) URL’s;

Now if we talk about the task of designing and developing of an ecommerce website with the help of Oscommerce, it is considered as the most popular shopping cart software to create an ecommerce website, in the web market. There are few factors which make the oscommerce development as one of the best ecommerce solutions in order to build an ecommerce website.

Firstly, the Oscommerce shopping cart has always proven its reliability and consistency. As the portfolio speaks everything, the history of Oscommerce shows the reliability of Oscommerce shopping cart. It has an extremely nice track record so far.

Secondly, the Oscommerce shopping cart has proven to be quite flexible in different types of settings i.e. either you got a small or a large retail operation, the shopping cart is adaptable with both. Obviously, you would like to have a shopping cart software program that would grow as your business grows.

Thirdly, the Oscommerce shopping cart is accompanied with a reliable system of customer service and technical support. If you select any of the shopping cart solution, it really works as a heart and soul of your business enterprise. So, it is important to choose an ecommerce solution that comes with the backing of excellent customer service and sound technical support. When it comes to customer service and technical support, Oscommerce Shopping Cart has consistently obtained high marks.
As every coin has two faces, similarly, there are some limitations also engaged with the Oscommerce shopping cart solution.

1)    You would have to install Oscommerce shopping cart software on your server with extra care. It can be very confusing for those have a little experience in this area.
2)    There are some hosting service providers who charge for “easier to use” versions.
3)    Some Oscommerce template stores sell templates of old configuration, which may or may not be search engine friendly.

Oscommerce shopping cart solution also helps in implementing the marketing strategy of your business, as it has product catalogs, review, related product features, newsletter, etc. All these features help your customers to know what new products are being offered and what products are doing well in the market and how these products can help them.

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