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Brands Checkout – 10 Social Media Myths Busted

Brands Checkout – 10 Social Media Myths Busted
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Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. all are really popular with the present day user. Different surveys all around the world has time and again concluded the maximum amount of internet usage goes in for accessing the social media profiles and an average user spend somewhere around 4 hours on the social networking profiles, on a daily basis.
This has motivated a lot of brands to market and position their products on the social medium. However even after repeated efforts, social media does not reveal the output that it should. Here are a few myths which the brand owners have in the back of their mind while making a profile in social media. If these myths are not repeated, surely the social media under taking of the business / brand will yield successful and profitable results for them.

1. Run special offers and schemes all the time –

Sure, social media networking is a way to attract more people to the brand, generate leads and even increase the revenues, but it is a platform basically designed for networking and not advertising. If you run special schemes and offers, round the clock, every time, you are only diluting the credibility and seriousness of your business affair. Do not try too hard to impress customers, you will only end up devaluing your own business.

2. Engage them in games and contests –

Yes, agreed that games are the latest fad. Everyone loves to play contests and games and these provide an awesome way to attract users to your website. Different business owners are investing a lot in gaming and are also organizing various contests round the clock to market and advertise their products. Though gaming is a nice option but too much of it and multiple contests only end up diluting the seriousness and credibility of the business house.

3. Take it easy and wait to be explored –

A 180 degree shift from the above approach is when the brands wait for the customers to find them themselves. It is good that you have realized the power of social networking platforms but it is not enough to just set up up a shop and wait for the customers to find you themselves. You need to get down to networking, use the platform to interact with the users, get in the dialogue and engage them in the conversation. Thus, simply setting up shop is not enough to and you need to actively market the product across different ways.

4. Never allow negative feed back –

Reputation management as they often claims it to be, many brands do not allow the posting of negative comments on their various web platforms. In fact they apply various strategies to condemn the negative feed back and either remove it altogether or push it down the line. However it must be noted that in case there are no negative or mildly unfavorable reviews, the authenticity and validation of positive views are out rightly challenged.

5. Unleash press releases on social media platforms –

it is but natural to get swayed with the veracious nature of the social media platform and utilize the same for releasing all the press releases, in order to make the news available with the wider audience, but hello! Just wait and understand the basic nature of the social media – quick and attractive! Do you think users read anything which appears to be “promotional” no matter how subliminal it is, and is longer than 300 characters? Do you really believe users watch the videos longer a few minutes, unless their favorite stars and screen idols are not featured in it? Well, no they do not! The better idea will be to provide a crisp and tantalizing image or video and then provide them with the link for further reading / viewing.

6. Respond after 24 hours to stress upon your value –

it is common notion that if you respond far too quickly, you appear phony and desperate, which implies some one who should not be trusted. A lot of business owners have a policy of checking the query section only twice a week, and some take time to respond because the flow of information has to be approved from various channels. However, do not that if you delay the replies, the only example which you give to your customers is that you are not serious about them and do not care for them enough to value their time. It will be an intelligent idea to assign the task of managing social media profiles to a knowledgeable person who is well aware of the core business functionalities and ethics and can handle the customer queries in a sound and tested way.

7. No connection between different channels –

it does sound interesting to do secret stuff, but not with your social networking profiles. If there is any offer, make sure the same offer is made across various platforms (for instance via email, telephone calling, messages through social networking profiles) is exact. No, you can not offer a discount of 10 percent on your social networking profile and then send out promotional emails to your clients offering a discount of 12 percent. It is imperative for you to maintain the same standards.

8. After the initial leverage, it just a cake walk –

Again a popular myth is that you only have to secure a specific number of audience in your profile and after that the profile will be made popular on its own,  well nothing like that ever happens. You can not take things for granted on the social networking platform and you need to be on your marks each and every time.

9. The more the likes, the merrier –

The concept of Facebook likes have lead on the business owners to feel that more the number of likes, the better it is for the website. Sure more the number of likes guarantees more popularity, but there is no criteria for judging the performance and simply no excuse to get all placid after a particular time. If you only focus on getting more number of likes, your business endeavor would flicker and fall down, but if you focus on creating the profile and business which should be liked, you will surely reach out to the top of your industry.

10. Social networking is just a fad, it will die off soon –

You really believe that? Well here is a big Good morning and a wake up call for those entrepreneurs who think social networking is just a current fever and will settle down soon. Social networking is here to stay and the sooner you accept it, the better it is for you and your business. Social networking is a serious business and you cannot afford to be oblivious to the same.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works in PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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