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eCommerce Store Promotion Ideas for Holiday Season

eCommerce Store Promotion Ideas for Holiday Season
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eCommerce has brought a large shift in the paradigm of the functioning of the market which has brought the buyers and sellers more close to each other. In the current scenario, one can get anything with just a few clicks. With eCommerce, the communication has become more smooth and faster between organization making the business activity efficient and effective. eCommerce development has proved to be an effective tool in the travel industry as well. Most of the companies sell their packages and offers through eCommerce stores. With the holiday season coming up, every company wants to gear up with their promotions. Let’s go through some tips and ideas of promotion for Holiday Season-

Evaluate your website – With holiday season round the corner, assess your site and jot down the changes to be made in it and update it as soon as possible. Even the minute change in the page can create wonders. Scrutinize each page and give it a fresh look so that the consumers get attracted to it.

Be prepared – With the season coming, prepare your website for the influx of consumers visiting your site. Make sure you have a proper bandwidth and other set of required tools to reduce the slowdown of the site with so many people clicking on it.

Optimization of resources – Add theme based home pages and launch offers and discounts on other products also so that it becomes easy for the customer to get all the things required for the holiday at a single site.

Get Email Listings – it is important to create a customer data base to increase your sales, therefore get forms filled by the customers so that you can have the email and other details.

Paid Advertising – get an impressive and detailed article for your promotions and offers through writers and advertise on social networking sites and other sites. Suitable keywords in the article can attract a lot of customers. Search engine optimization is a great way to get web traffic through them.

Target the mobile users – with smart phones swanking into the hands of every second person; ecommerce industry has seen a rise in the business to a large extent. Use responsive themes to cater the screens of mobile devices and make attractive themes and appealing tags, mobile users have been studied spending more than the others.

Launch a contest on various websites like photo contest, holiday experience article and many more and gift vouchers and discounts to encourage more and more customers to your website.

Additional Discounts and freebies – Give more discounts to the customers who buy the package and deals online than the conventional stores and as freebie are always a hit among the customers, give some gift voucher or gift on a purchase of particular amount.

Incorporate reviews – Encourage your customers to give feedback and reviews which will help your organize to evaluate your customer service. Always take the feedback positively and try to convince the irate customer and implement on what you promise. As reviews makes a lot of difference in today’s tech savvy world. Most of the customers buy products and services by looking at the reviews of people.

Reach your customers – Send email alerts to your old customers and give them details about the deals and offers for the coming holiday season. Use effective marketing strategies to retain your old customers.

Since a good holiday leaves an everlasting impression on the customer and will be in the memories of the traveler, it is necessary to talk to your customer after the service is sold. Most of the customers feel good and happy to get call from the service provider. Don’t forget your customer rather try and sustain the relationship for future also.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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