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Magento Enterprise 1.9 – The Latest Buzz!!!

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With the growth of eCommerce business, the market for such eCommerce platform providers is also growing at a fast pace. One of the eCommerce platform which earned a good reputation in short span of time is Magento. It has got a range of basic to advance functionality suiting the requirements of almost every business. Magento eCommerce Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth. It provides a feature rich platform to the users so that they can have control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Isn’t that great? But Magento developers and users must be excited to know what Magento project team has come out with this time..

Magento Enterprise is designed for companies ready to maximize the potential of their eCommerce business. The Magento project team is proud to announce the introduction of Magento Enterprise Edition Version 1.9, and Magento Secure Payment Bridge. It provides amazing spectrum of features which will help merchants to improve the rate of customer satisfaction and retention with targeted communications and online content and personalized marketing campaigns. The security payment bridge assists merchants in meeting PCI compliance through a secure, PA-DSS compliant payment application.

Coolest Features of Enterprise Edition Version 1.9

  1. Gift Registry Module: You can increase revenue and capture valuable customer data with the Gift Registry feature. Customize settings for your products and customers. It has been incorporated with privacy settings.
  2. CAM(Customer Attribute Management): You can improve on your sales and marketing efforts. Customer account and address attributes are managed by the Magento Administrator interface and then used to create customized marketing campaigns and customer profiles.
  3. Enhanced Solr Search: Performance and search quality are improved with layered navigation and features like spelling/synonyms/stop words and weighted attributes.
  4. Improved Full Page Caching: Now you can enhance performance by caching primary pages (excluding personalized information) for all users, including session users. Performance improvements are realized as it takes less time to open web pages subsequent times.
  5. Magento Secure Payment Bridge (PA-DSS Compliant): Magento Secure Payment Bridge is a PA-DSS certified payment application, enabling merchants to minimize efforts and efficiently attain PCI compliance.
  6. Magento Connect for Magento Enterprise: Improvements to Magento Connect enables downloading and upgrading of extensions in the Magento Administrator interface with no technical knowledge required.

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