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Top 20 Essentials of an Ecommerce Product Page

Top 20 Essentials of an Ecommerce Product Page
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E-commerce is a highly competitive territory. With millions of online stores around the world selling different kinds of products and services, you must create a feature rich online store to stay ahead of the crowd. This helps in establishing a brand and earning the loyalty of the customers. You can achieve this by ensuring customers have a hassle-free experience in the store.

Check out what these 20 essential things that your Ecommerce product page must have to help you establish a strong brand name in the market.


1. Product

Your online store must be search engine friendly and all your pages must have product title to the improved SEO score.

2. Images

This one too tops our list. If your product doesn’t have good images, you won’t see much of a sale. For any online store images influence a buyer’s decision.

3. 360°View

This helps in improving the sales drastically as the customers get a 3D view of the products in the store.

4. Product Description

Convincing and detailed product description increases sales and hence you should have it on your page.

5. Availability

You would lose customers if they find products ‘out-of-stock’ on their cart. Always inform customers about availability of products.

6. Price

You must clearly mention the price along with any discount offers. If you sell in different countries, use a currency converter tool.

7. Add To Cart

The page should have a clearly visible ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ button that allows users to add products to their cart.

8. Payment Method

The product page should clearly have all the payment options (Credit Cards/PayPal/Online Banking) that you are offering to the customers.

9.Return Policy

Clearly mention the Return Policy in the bottom of your page as it is of great importance to the users.

10. Item Options

Customers must have the option to choose among different item options such as colors, sizes and designs etc.

11. Size Guide

If you are selling clothes and other accessories you must have a size guide for customers’ convenience.

12. Videos

This is a great way of convincing the users to buy a certain item from the store. It offers them complete illustration about the product.

13. Add To Wish List

This helps in achieving sales from the indecisive customers and also keeping doors open for future sales.

14. Shipping Information

You must clearly mention the shipping information including charges if any and the availability of the product across zip codes/postcodes.

15. Trustmarks

People are often wary of online shopping and Trustmarks are a great way to help them overcome this fear and hence are a must on your site.

16. Social Media Integration

This is a great means of achieving publicity and reach among your potential customers.

17. User Generated Content

Reviews are a must for any online store. They make your store appear very user-friendly and genuine.

18. Ratings

They are a nice way to attract sales. Products with higher ratings always do well in e-commerce as it helps them get rid of apprehensions if any.

19. Compare Tool

Your product page should have a compare tool that allows the users to compare different items.

20. Cross Selling

If you sell products and accessories that complement other products, it would be wise to provide recommendations to the buyers.
While most of the things mentioned in the above list are a must for your e-commerce product store, some of these can be termed optional.

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