Great Tips for Optimization of Videos in E-Commerce Websites

There is a tough competition going on between the players of E-Commerce business market. The success of the business does not solely depend on one factor but on multiple factors. The major includes good and user-friendly E-Commerce website design, clear navigation structure, multiple payment gateways, presentation of the product features and so on. Unlike in physical store, buyers can touch the products kept on shelves, online shoppers can only see the image and read the highlighted features. To enhance the visibility of the product features, videos are playing an important role. It helps to show the proper working and functioning of the product. Product-oriented videos help shoppers understand what they are buying, reduce shopping cart abandonment, and boost conversion rates by as much as 30 per cent.


It is very easy to add the videos but these have to be optimized too. You need to keep in mind a few tips before adding video content to your E-Commerce site:

Follow 80-20 Rule


According to this rule, there are few products which are always on demand by online shoppers. You have to put videos first on these product pages that are driving most of your sales. It is not necessary to put the video for every product, some may not even require that. But there are few performing products, which when highlighted with video content, increases your ROI to a considerable extent.

Creation of Videos and Good Content Delivery Network


You need to select the method of creating videos very carefully. The few options you have are: You may create your own videos in-house, outsource to a professional video production company, or automated product videos. Whatever, the method you choose, it should be able to prepare high quality and clear videos for your products. If required, it should also enable you to update your videos easily and frequently to reflect changes to your products and offerings. Moreover, some platforms include an analytics panel allowing you to monitor your videos’ performance. Always remember, Internet surfers have the least patience in them, so if you are delivering poor quality content when you’re trying to sell them something, it might work against the motive for which you have added videos.

Duration of the Videos


The time duration of the videos should be from 15sec-3 min because attention span of online shoppers is very short. Don’t make long duration videos by including unnecessary stuffs in it. Just show the working(if it is device) or functioning or highlight the main features of the product.

Deployment Procedure


You need to understand the integration process to add videos to your e-commerce website. If you’re only adding one or two videos this needn’t be a major consideration, but if you’re going to be adding hundreds of product videos to your site, you really want to make sure you don’t have to add code to each product page individually.

Optimize Presentation


You should not completely rely on the voice of the speaker, but also need to add some text that shoppers can read while watching the video. Sometimes, it happens that shoppers might be sitting in places where they could watch videos on mute, so in that case, text written in the video will help the shopper to understand about what the video is all about. Simple things such as putting videos above the fold or replacing the product image with product video increases consumption. The mobile web is exploding. Your videos must be available to mobile devices: iPhones/ iPads, Blackberrys, Androids.

Use of Interactive Elements


One of the great ways to increase the number of views is adding interactive elements such as overlays, links, polls, discount alerts, hotspots and call to action buttons that improves engagement. You may want to harness the social web to your benefit by adding options to share and Facebook “Like” your videos or even tweet the URL.

Video Syndication


You should syndicate and distribute your video content. Video syndication is an effective way of popularizing your videos. Youtube is now ranked as the world’s 2nd most popular search engine and the 3rd most visited site on the web. The video syndication not only provides you great exposure and increased traffic, but also have a great impact on the visibility of your video content in search engines.

Testing and Evaluation of the Performance


Different videos will perform differently for the different products, but you need to find the thing which works out the best for the products and that adds to the ROI of the business. You will also need to test videos for various content elements to understand what works and the order in which you should proceed with highlighting the different elements. These elements include product features, price, music, images, voiceovers, links etc. Other useful things that you can measure are— Shopping cart abandonment, overall site or page traffic and view-thru rate.

Video has become an important part of the E-commerce website development. It is not just about adding videos to the website, but there is more to product video than just making the mini-product movies. How the video is positioned on the page, accompanying text, or even video size can and does have a significant effect on video views and conversions.

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