Do you have an idea why healthcare web app development has become so much necessary in today’s time?

There was a time when people were totally unable to cure even a minor disease without the consultation of a doctor. They were even unable to get first-aid information as there was no source. But with the coming of internet availability, everyone now is able to get information on their own.

According to Pew Research: in 2019 nearly 72% of adults use social media to connect with others, engage with news and content, share information and entertain themselves.

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This is the reason why your healthcare online presence is necessary. For that, you are required to have a good healthcare web app that should follow all those parameters which are really necessary for a successful healthcare web app development.

What are the parameters of successful healthcare websites?

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Have a look below at some of the important tips which all healthcare websites must follow:

  • Providers

This page should be designed in such a way that it should provide information about all physicians, nurse practitioners, and PAs. More importantly, anyone who can see patients and write prescriptions should be listed on the provider’s page.

  • Locations

In case you are having various locations where you practice and treat patients, then you should mention information like relevant sitting hours of different locations, maps of all the locations and contact information on this page.

You can also link a google map of your location if this option is available on your web app. This is very important so that people can reach your premises easily.

  • Specialities

This section is one of the most important one to be included in the web app. Different doctors have different specialities like general physician, dermatology, neurology, etc. So, it is important to mention those specialities on this page of the web app so that patients can connect to the right doctor easily.

  • Patient Portal

Patient portal is one of the newest and important phenomena which is related to the physician’s web app, but it is something patients are coming to expect from their providers.

With the help of portals, you get 24 hours functionality along with having access to medical records, appointment information, the ability to pay outstanding bills and technology for patients so that they could be engaged directly with their accurate physicians through the help of the portal.

  • Insurance

An insurance page should also be included in the process of developing a healthcare web app as this page helps in knowing accepted insurance providers and you can find an essential resource for both existing and new patients. You are required to keep updating this page and having easy access to contact information for the people who are having some queries.

  • Contact Us

Well, this is one of the most important sections to be included in the web app. The contact us page should be properly designed so that people can reach out to you in an easy manner. This page should include information like phone number, email address, contact form and even the option to chat instantly with a representative (as long as you have the staff to respond to inquiries).

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Web App Functionality

Now let’s focus on some of the web app features and functionalities and that includes: web app should be attractive and informative. The web apps are making it possible for visitors to accomplish certain tasks without having to call your office. This may consist of online appointment scheduling, online bill payment, and even virtual visits.

Here are some of the features in more detail:

  • Online Appointment Scheduling

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Well, this section is not mandatory as some people are still going to call you to book an appointment. But as the world is becoming more digital, old and new patients would feel more comfortable booking an appointment through the click of a button.

According to a survey done by PatientPop, a company that provides online scheduling software for physicians and other healthcare providers, 42% of respondents indicated that they want to schedule appointments online but only 17% have that opportunity.

One more fact was revealed by the same survey which was that 24% of appointments scheduled online were submitted when the office was closed. So, with the help of online scheduling, patients can get the facility to schedule a next day appointment at the time of open time slots available, enabling practices to fill unused appointment times more efficiently.

  • Online Bill Payment

The privilege of having online bill payment may not lead to the out-of-pocket burden. But still, it can help patients to pay in a more timely manner. 68% of consumers prefer electronic payment methods to pay medical bills and 20% of online healthcare payments are made on mobile devices. If this kind of feature is not yet included in your web app, then make sure that you do it on a priority basis for 2020.

  • Virtual Visits

A virtual visit fulfills the need of patients who can’t go physically in the doctor’s clinic for some reason This is done with the help of making use of video conferencing apps or camera-enabled smartphones. It is also famous among the patients who often visit the permanent physician. This option should surely be there in your web app.

Final words

As this is the age of smartphones, it is mandatory that the physician’s web app should be mobile-friendly. It is because the percent of website visits from mobile devices grew from 63% in 2018 to 70% in 2019. Another fact is that people are spending more time on websites using their devices too – with the actual percentage of time growing from 40% to 49%.

From the above-mentioned facts, it becomes clear that you are required to build your mobile-friendly healthcare web app by consulting the best web app development company.

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