How Drupal 8 has Revolutionized CMS?

The latest edition of Drupal 8, the extremely popular Content Management System enterprise, has made it big this time. Indeed, there is a lot of excitement among the Drupal community developers regarding the release of this version.

Talking of the previous versions of Drupal, till date all the released versions of Drupal have come up with something new, something that has changed the developing ways of the websites. The new edition of Drupal does not let down the developers either. The iteration of Drupal 8 comes up with the features listed below. The best part about these features is that they do not only guarantee help to the developers but also serves them brilliantly to develop the websites faster and in an efficient manner.

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Responsive Design and HTML Support

Starting with the first feature of responsive design, Drupal 8 endows the native support in terms of the responsive design. It permits the Drupal developers not only to build the websites but also helps them to resize the graphical elements as well as the text as per the screen size of the device. This helps the user to view the website and view it clearly. Thus, it is easy to build a single website with Drupal 8 that is easy to access via y device. It can be a desktop, a tablet, smart phones, computers etc.

The icing on the cake is the “themes” of Drupal 8. Yes! The brand new themes of Drupal 8 are responsive in addition. Yet, you can save time and money both now. It’s not just about the simplification of the website management any longer. Thus, Drupal development was never so easy as it will be with Drupal 8.

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It’s Native and Most Wanted Support for HTML5

Now all the problems for the HTML support are resolved. Drupal 8 comes up with its supportive feature for the HTML5. HTML5 being the latest version that is being used as the mark up language has been the prime concern for the developers. Now the developers can do it all with the fun function for website building putting in less effort.

Coming to the templates of Drupal 8, they are much simplified in terms of classes and the elements for developers. Picture element support to the display pictures in this CMS ensures that all of these pictures are resized automatically. The user need not tap or click on anything. In short, no action is required from the users end. The CMS provides you with the native input tools that play a vital role in mobilizing the Drupal websites. These tools are particularly a “Yes…Yes!” for the data entry field such as phone number, date, e-mail etc.

Development of the Multilingual Websites is now Easier than Ever Before!

What is going to be the new breeze for the developers? Yes, you heard this one right. The multilingual website development feature of Drupal 8 is the new rage. Drupal 8 has taken up a promise of an absolute breeze starting it from the screen installation part. Generally the developers ought to translate the alternate texts, but now they can easily use the inbuilt user interface in order to take up the text translation.


Moreover, the developers will have the access to the translation software updates. These are sent to the developers directly at their workstations from the extremely dynamic Drupal Community worldwide.

Migrating Coded Websites in the Previous Versions is now Quick and Easy

Did you get your website developed in Drupal 7? But now you wish to migrate it to Drupal 8? It’s not a worry! The previous versions of Drupal were not that supportive in terms of the website migration. It was mere supportive. But now with Drupal 8 developers can effortlessly shift the websites that have been coded in either Drupal 6 or Drupal 7. Undoubtedly, this is going to ease the work load of many developers out there, who are always expected to ensure the website compatibility with the new flowing in technologies. Thus, with Drupal 8 it is easy to update the websites for the developers.

The Single-Purpose Modules have been Removed

The previous versions of Drupal came up with bulk of modules which maximum of the developers barely used. Now the brand new Drupal 8 version sheds off those extra modules and occupies less space of the Hard disk. Thus, it operates faster than the previous Drupal versions.

Not only this! In case the developers are in dire need of these modules, they can download them and install at the first place. These modules can be your Polls, Profile, Blogs, dashboard etc. 

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The brand new Drupal 8 is the revolutionizing and a developer friendly CMS. The release of this Content Management System is going to hit the websites globally with its embedded revolutionizing features. Drupal 8 comes up with the potential to transform a lot more. Despite of the initial learning curves, the developers are completely engaged with Drupal. They explore various skills to engineer the world in a better way with the software.

Also, to note that Drupal evolved from the beginning as comparatively simple kind of a web-based message board that has become a great grand Content Management System Enterprise. The stepping stones of the evolution of Drupal have been representing a major step towards cementing the positions in the developer’s minds as well as in the minds of the web page owners. Seems that Drupal is all set to build a clear route for the platform building of future CMS.

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So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and engineer the world your way with Drupal 8. As the technology transforms it is the Content Management Systems which will transform the upcoming website management.

No more need for you to associate the information ledgers with released details on it. You can get details of the customers within in a few minutes of making the rabbit mouse clicks. Now it is your time to take your business to next level. If you have any other query related to Drupal deverlopment, feel free to contact PixelCrayons: the leading Drupal development company in India.

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