How to create a bug-free mobile app?

In this era of technology, we cannot deny the fact that smartphones are becoming the basic needs of people. Nowadays, most of the population of the world has become so addicted to their smartphones that they feel incomplete without it. 

What makes them so familiar with smartphones are its smart applications. We have seen a tremendous increase in the mobile app industry in the past decade, and it is an estimation that the revenue will expand to $935.2 billion by 2023

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There are a variety of apps available today that enable users to do plenty of things using just their mobile phones. So, applications must be perfect, swiftly functioning, excellent navigation, and highly secure. Buggy applications and software are unacceptable in the current marketplace.

Here is the complete guide on how one can create a complete bug-free mobile application. So, here we go.

What Are App Bugs?

Before moving further, let’s first know what exactly is an app bug. A bug is an error or fault in an application or system. It produces an incorrect or sudden result or starts behaving unexpectedly. 

While development happens, there are a lot of things that developers have to keep in mind, and this becomes the rationale behind a lot of omissions or wrongdoings.

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Typical Bugs In Mobile App Development

Here, I have listed some of the most common bugs in mobile app development:

  1. Push notifications at unusual times
  2. A mobile app can behave strangely on baseless gestures
  3. The interface is quite annoying
  4. Input Verification Errors
  5. Error handling mechanism related bugs
  6. Navigation and Paging Bug

How To Create A Bug-free Mobile Application

As per the Juniper Research, the number of people using mobile banking apps has increased to two billion, and that counts around 40%t of the world’s adult population. 

Therefore, it becomes mandatory to take some of the safety measures while creating an application. Below are some of the actions which you can take to design and develop an error-free mobile app.


Security Concerns

bug free mobile app development

Security is the most concerning aspect of the app development sector. It is a significant concern because most of the bugs that occur are direct outcomes of breaches. 

Various studies related to mobile application bugs reveal that software bugs support 40% of failures, whereas 60% of them are security issues in an app

So, developers have to pay extra attention while dealing with app security, because being prone to bugs in this domain can drastically affect the overall product’s stability.

You should test everything to reduce errors from your application. One must apply heavy testing early on in the development process. By doing this, you can quickly identify vital weak spots and vulnerabilities in the software’s security. 

This is much easier to accomplish in the beginning stages of the project as it helps in fragmenting the workload of testing it in its totality.


Code Revision Is A Must

Well, the revision of codes can save you from a lot of hassle. This is an excellent way of ensuring the effectiveness and quality of your code. 

Whether it’s a developer, your project partner, or the app development team altogether, you can review other codes so that you can quickly identify the problems. As happens for many things, a fresh perspective can be all you may need to resolve a nuisance.

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Automated Testing

Automated testing is performed through software that has predefined playback functions and then works on comparing the output to the expected behavior.

It is often only included by large-sized mobile app development companies because the equipment and resources bring a very high cost. Automated testing saves a lot of time and effort and further ensures quality and accuracy.

For each release of the software, it becomes time-consuming to engage in manual testing. With the help of automatic testing, you will be able to increase the depth and scope of testing.

During each test run, automated test equipment can run thousands of test cases. Besides, manual testing is monotonous, which can also cause high-profile testers to err. Automated testing can engage hundreds of virtual users at a time to interact with the application.

Saving time and effort and bringing accuracy to the system are some of the reasons why companies use automated testing. If you want to distribute an application with minimal or bugs, make the user what you want it to go through automated testing processes.

Well, some mobile app development companies in India offer the best solutions for bug-free apps.


Beta Testing

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Beta testing is a bug proofing method that has been helpful to companies for ages. By reviewing your app by various people, in the same fashion as the previous piece of advice, you can pass it through several filters.

One of them is bound to notice you or another beta tester. Well, it is unpredictable to know how many beta tests you can undergo, which means you can turn off essential bugs and issues using multiple builds and modifications.


Test On Various Devices

For a robust application, you have to test it on different operating systems, versions, and devices. There may be a lot of users who will use it on the latest releases or device types while a lot should still be stuck with older versions.

Your application should run well on all device types and versions. You need to value all kinds of users in the entire market. The application should be sufficiently responsive to run all significant screen sizes. Ensure that the material is not hidden away or that the critical CTA is not discarded.

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Bottom Lines

For developing an error-free application, you must hire app developers in India that can meet all your demands. Once you release your app, you will need to keep it updated continuously and check with the community built around it. 

Well, to achieve “bug-free” applications, you must take some precautions beforehand while developing an app. So, be trendy, and I hope this blog helped you out to resolve all your queries regarding bug-free mobile app development.

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