How to Make Your WordPress Website More Secured?

There is no point in losing your sleep over the security threats that almost every second WordPress based website in this vast virtual world faces every day. WordPress comes with its own share of shortcomings and security threats that make a blog or website largely vulnerable to external attacks but these security threats can be fixed easily and it does not need you sweating in anxiety in your office cubicle. Safeguarding the interest of your WordPress website is certainly not a rocket science and you would not necessarily have to be an astronaut to be able to fix those minor things that make your WordPress website susceptible to external attacks. Just take some time out of your hectic work schedule and you will be surprised to find that fixing WordPress securities is not like riding a tiger. However, there are some technicalities involved but you would not have to worry about them. However, if you find them too complex to handle, you can better off with WordPress developers who are making a living out of it everyday.

So, lets start our tryst with WordPress development, because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Update It: God knows why some people shy away from updating software and when it comes to updating their WordPress blog, they take it as an attack on their privacy. Well, you can give it a miss, if you wish but by doing so you are leaving your blog open to the attacks of hackers. There is a common perception that updating to new version can maim some plugins and this is quite true but when the security of your WordPress website is at stake, it is a small sacrifice. However, if it is a small update like you need to migrate from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2, it does make the plugins dysfunctional, at least we can hope so.

Have Backup: – Do not put all your money in the same insurance company. It is a common sense and the same rule is applicable in the virtual world as well. You should not keep the backup files of your WordPress website in a single place since if anything goes wrong, you will have no other option than just banging your head against the wall in sheer frustration. Here are the three robotics rules of a good backup policy:

1) Do not save it on the server because if the server crashes, you cannot have the backup files.
2) Save a number of them, it is a bare necessity.
3) Make the entire process automatic.

However, if you find them a little bit technical, you have the option at your disposal. You can hire a WordPress CMS development professional who is in the know of thing. He can help you get rid of this seemingly complex and technical problem.

Set A Strong Password: A weak password is the gateway to all the woes, we mean attacks of course. You should not set a password by your name or birth date. Hackers are quite smart to break if you do so. You need to use alphabet, number, uppercase, lowercase and special characters to bulletproof the security of your website. Try something like this; michALE12&*. It looks ugly but it is strong and powerful enough to give a boost to your WordPress website security.

Don’t use FTP: – Uploading files via FTP is a common practice but sorry to say, you need to stop this practice forever if you treat the security of your WordPress website seriously. It is easy to intercept the transmission and hacking into your access detail when you are uploading files thorough. SFTP is a good and secured alternative but you need to get access to your server with SSH.

Beware of Hidden Security Threats: It is tempting to use free WordPress theme and even seasoned WordPress developers fall prey to such temptations. But the security of your WordPress website can be compromised since not all the themes are trustworthy. Some themes are loaded with hidden malicious scripts. The same goes true with plugins. So, next time you install any free theme, you need to think twice.

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