HTML5: Why It’s Truly a Way Forward?

“Every single web page out there, if you like, is like a computer… so you can program it to do whatever you want, and that’s very powerful,” said Sir Tim Berners-Lee about the power of Web. He also said, “When somebody designs a web page, up until now, historically, the web page was just a static document. It just had information on it. Nowadays, developers using websites can program them using HTML5.” According to the creator of Web, the pages created using HTML5 are not just web pages but a whole program themselves that actually allow you to do anything you want. He, while communicating to BBC, elaborated that HTML5 is certainly an innovative and creative platform, and people across the world are using it and doing amazing things with it.

Now look at the other side of the world: Even Microsoft has shown interest in promoting HTML5. MSDN Magazine (Microsoft) wrote, “HTML5 is exciting, and it does have the potential to change the Web as we know it, but it also gets blown out of proportion.” The article Building Apps with HTML5: What You Need to Know published on the magazine clearly talks about the Microsoft’s investment in promoting and developing HTML5. Facebook, as we all know, has always been the evangelist of HTML5, too.

We talked about Sir Tim Berners-Lee, we talked about Microsoft and Facebook, and now let’s talk about the developers around the globe. What do they think about HTML5? According to a BI Intelligence report published on Business Insider, 63 per cent developers are already actively using HTML5 and 31 per cent developers have plans to use HTML5 for their projects. The report also exhibits how hybrid apps are accelerating HTML5 adoption.

So, what is that which makes HTML5 such a popular choice and why is it truly a way forward?

A mobile platform

Mobile technologies have dramatically increased and augmented over the last few years. And with the advanced mobile app development trends, mobile browsers have gone crazy about HTML5. The gap between native app and HTML5 app has shortened and this trend is going to be there for long. Besides mobile applications, HTML5 also supports game development. Using tag of HTML5, you can create beautiful and exciting gaming applications.

Cross-browser support

As we already talked about how Microsoft and Facebook are promoting HTML5. It is not just these two, but almost all the browsers out there support and work well with HTML5 codes.

Video and Audio Support

If you are using HTML5, you don’t really need to bother about Flash Player or any other third party media players to make your website interactive and attractive. You can do that with HTML5’s and tags. HTML5 audio and video do not require any player and you can run the content on any computer. Further, these audios and videos can also run smoothly on mobile phones or smart phones as almost all the Mobile browsers support HTML5. HTML5 content runs faster than flash. In fact, HTML5 eclipses flash on many other fronts as well: rich features that run without extensions, better online editing, better drag-and-drop options and, above all, better video and media playback.

Interactive tool

We have already discussed that HTML5 supports both audio and video media types and has an amazing canvas element. Source is another interactive element of HTML5, enabling developers to specify not one but many alternative sources to media elements. Moreover, it allows users to enjoy or interact with the site. It comes with a number of application programming interfaces (APIs), which, combined with several native APIs such as drag and drop feature, offline storage database, browser history management and document editing, ensure smooth and hassle free interaction between the user and the applications.

What do you think about HTML5? Share with us by commenting below.

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