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Adobe Generator – A Responsive Design Tool to Streamline Design and Development Tasks

Adobe Generator – A Responsive Design Tool to Streamline Design and Development Tasks
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Adobe Generator is a new technology creating adequate space for new workflow for those who are in to web designing, screen designing and those who are required to pull out image assets out of a Photoshop document. This would help in creation of image assets with a lot of ease. It eliminates the mind-numbing steps of slicing, copying and manual exportation of layers. That means many working hours are saved and the time can be effectively used for value adding in the designing process. All that is required is to add a file extension to the layer group and the Photoshop will automatically convert that in to a JPG, GIF or PNG from the content of the layer. Any change in the file and it is immediately updated. Therefore, this technology will keep the file updated as and when a new feed is done.

Adobe Generator is incorporated into Edge Reflow. Edge reflow is a company tool for creating responsive web design. By using the generator, which is the open source tool, designers can easily continue working on without having to manually export the layers. The common part is to use the Photoshop to mock up a website and export the assets piece by piece; if anything goes wrong, the process repeats itself.

Export process with Adobe Generator:
Using the new technology, the designers are required to give the assets a new name, preferably that would end with a PNG or JPG. This way the assets are automatically generated and saved for any further use. Additionally, commands that are more complex can be given and the file would convert them to larger version of the graphics. This technology enables to work in high- as well as low-resolution displays. Every update done in the file is automatically updated by Photoshop.

Reflow Integration:
This is useful. It takes all the assets in a given file and builds up a reflow project from them. This tool is empowered to bring any text from Photoshop to an editable text. It places the assets on the page and they are placed in such a manner so that a hierarchy is built on the page. This works flawlessly, at least in the demo sessions. For extreme complex designs, this may not be that smooth; but, in any case, this is a relatively superior work process and can prove to be of great help for web design workflow.

Adobe generator is meant to be a platform. This is repeatedly stressed by the Adobe technology. They offer APIs for developers and they are good at creating the workflow using JavaScript. That is just an example. The offer can be even better.

There has been a bridge between development and design and the work of the Adobe Generator is just to cover up the bridge. This technology links Photoshop with edge reflow. It is a mobile responsive designing tool used for streamlining the creative and technical workflow. This in turn improves the team’s productivity at large, especially for mobile or web designing or both. A Photoshop file can be turned in to Edge Reflow file. This is done to turn a regular design in to a web design and that is used to automatically resize all the contents to fit in a smaller screen and its resolution. So using a tablet or a mobile becomes very easy as it is fit for small screens. There are primarily three main features and they are:

  • Real time asset generation
  • Improved Automation
  • APIs

Use this and realize what an Adobe is capable of and how far it can reach.

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Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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