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How Are Point Of Sale Systems Going Mobile?

How Are Point Of Sale Systems Going Mobile?
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Point of sale has evolved a lot, from the past. It started off when transactions were made paying cash amount and the shopkeepers used to maintain cash records and keep cash in a safe. Then the barcodes were introduced which the retailers could scan for the products, through scanner and the customers could pay through either their debit/credit cards or cash. And here we are today when point of sale has gone mobile. With the advent of technological advancements there is hardly any field left without experiencing the presence of this revolution.

Mobile point of sale eases out the process of transactions to a large extent. You might have experienced mobile point of sale systems in many brand stores such as Apple, Wagammama, Honest Burgers, City beer etc. Restaurants and eateries were the first to be hit by this system followed by car rental companies, hotels, and other business types.                                          

Sales Going Mobile

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Let’s have a brief look at the merits of using mobile point of sale systems. It enhances the quality of customer experience in all respects. It saves your as well as the customer’s time spent waiting in long lines for transactions. It advances consumers’ experience at static point of sale. The details of the customer can be recorded through mobile devices to reduce the time spent in peak hours. This could also be utilized for inspecting ID proof’s and personal information in specific stores where required, such as in case of liquor store where verification is a must. So performing all these tasks through mobile devices before the customer actually arrives at the counter completes major portion of the transaction. IBM SurePOS series is one such system which enables you efficiency and incorporates with mobile devices. For instance, Honest Burgers through its BarPass mobile POS ordering system improved its consumer experience.

Sales System Going Mobile

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These days customers demand for a paper free receipt. To save on paper, the same time spent in the queue could be utilized to fill in the customer particulars and email ID in the mobile which is connected to the database on the network, so that the paper free receipts could be emailed to the customer. Mobile POS system also upsurges security and free floor space. The wireless system implemented, follows either PCI or EMV guidelines. The space occupied by the transaction counters can be utilized for other purposes when mobile POS system is functional. It is also in your control to manage the inflow of consumers much more easily using mobile POS. In situations of special sale offers when the influx of customers is huge mobile systems could be borrowed from other outlets of the company. This would help manage the traffic and also keep all sales in record because of common database.

Sales Going Mobile

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To look at such positive features of mobile POS systems it would attract many of us. There are several softwares which get you started with mobile POS systems for your company such as Lightspeed Onsite Mobile POS, Vend, PayPal, etc. We can encounter many companies which have implemented mobile POS systems and have benefited from it. Few successful specimens who are using this technology are: American Home and Garden (mobile POS solution: Epicor Mobile manager), Ay Dios Mio (PayPal here) and City beer (Revel Systems). So do you wish to make your point of sale system mobile?

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    And here are today when point of sale has absent mobile With the arrival of technical progressions.

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    There is barely whichever field left deprived of experiencing the existence of this revolt. You might have practiced mobile point of sale systems in numerous brand stores such as Apple to Buy an iPhone