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Role of Technology in Education

Role of Technology in Education
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Today’s student generation is growing up in a digital world. Using various digital gadgets is a huge part of their everyday experience out of school. With the help of Google, they can get access to a wide wealth of digital content and resources. Educational institutions are also increasingly embracing the use of new technology for educating students through new and evolved methods. Here are some benefits that technology is bringing to today’s teaching and learning space.

1. Freedom in the Learning Process

Every student has his/her own abilities. They also have unique ways to learn and assimilate knowledge. Technology helps students to learn at their own pace, at their own convenience.  Tablets are helping students to have an independent space to learn, while there are in the classroom.  Teacher’s on the other hand can then find extra time to help resolve queries of students.

2. Learning Beyond Textbooks

Interactive textbooks are now increasingly replacing physical textbooks. These are helping students to learn in an environment that’s interesting and engaging.  The interactive learning platforms are increasingly helping students to complete their work faster and be motivated to learn more.  Digital learning and collaboration is increasingly helping students to do away with books completely.

3. Wider Reach

E-learning and mobile learning have helped educational institutions to reach larger audiences. Institutions are now providing curriculum and learning for students from across the globe. Classes, assignments and and tests can all be organised online and can be attended from anywhere, at anytime. This has created opportunities for both students as well educational institutions to connect with the each other in a better way.

Stay Informed- E-Learning and Educational Technology Trends [Infographic]

4. A Wide Range of Learning Resources

Technology enables students to access a wide range of learning resources. Students can now access e-books via tablets, use mobile apps to learn in an interactive format, while on the move and plan their lessons and work, online.

5. Collaboration On the Cloud

Cloud tools in the educational space have increasingly helped students to share resources and learn online. Students are now increasingly collaborating with teachers and peers and this is helping in simplifying their tasks on a daily basis. Assignments and tests can now be submitted and evaluated on the cloud. This has done away with the use of paper, thus helping save paper costs as well as the environment in the long rung.

6. Gamified Learning

One of the latest trends in educational technology is the advent of game based educational apps. These are extremely useful for making education and learning a process to enjoy. Children are motivated to learn while using such apps and also develop a thorough understanding of the project.

7. Making Students Future Ready

Technology based learning is helping students in getting ready for the technologies of the future. These are helping them become habitual of tools, techniques and terms many of which are becoming pervasive in the professional sphere as well.

8. Some other benefits of technology in Education [Infographic]



Technology is definitely bringing a sea change in the educational scenario in today’s times. This has helped businesses to come up with new ideas and startups to help the industry in a big way. At pixelcrayons, we specialise in building customised online training platforms and applications for both startups and independent institutions. The services range from strategizing, designing and developing tools with a thorough understanding of the target audience. Our specialist teams ensure that each aspect of the solution provides the precise user experience and learning expected from it. We have expertise in building a range of educational tools and platforms including Question answer based websites, Educational apps for kids, Educational apps for teachers, E-learning platforms, Online classroom room training apps, Gamified educational apps, Educational video apps and Java based educational apps.

Varun Bhagat is a technology geek and works with PixelCrayons as a Sr. Technology Consultant. He possesses in-depth knowledge of different web development technology and helps our clients to choose the best technology as per their needs.

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