InteliWISE Virtual Agent Plugin: The Latest WordPress Tool

InteliWISE Virtual Agent plugin is the latest WordPress tool that enables your WordPress powered online store to acquire some dynamic customer engagement attributes. This plugin is an incredible blend of powerful search and interactive live chat. Moreover, you are able to download this plugin on your WordPress website within few minutes. As the plugin has been named as virtual agent, it provides 24×7 active assistance to customers through instant tracking and feedback and that too automatically. Now, sites supported by Virtual Agent plugin do not need to be backed by a live representative to assist visitors.

Furthermore, InteliWISE Virtual Agent plugin helps an online store in enhancing sales volume by tracking outgoing customers and convincing them to stay with them till finishing the purchase. The application also assists the site in monitoring activities of customers toward the site and approaches them with new offers, queries, suggestions, etc. If we compare a live chat plugin with InteliWISE virtual agent plugin for your WordPress website, later one would be an automated application that does not require an agent to handle the queries. Visitors would have to enter their queries and the application will provide accurate answers as soon as possible. This is an action triggering attribute of the virtual agent plugin. In this way, InteliWISE virtual agent seems to take the WordPress development in another level of CMS development.

The InteliWISE Virtual Agent plugin plays a significant role in the WordPress website. The most prominent and promising features of InteliWISE Virtual Agent plugin are mentioned blow.

1)    Enhanced Contract Form – Put well designed and customizable contract form to your website and let the InteliWISE Virtual Agent plugin automatically invite visitors to put their feedback on their visit.

2)    Feedback Widget- It is a promising and customizable feedback tool that is specifically activated for increasing responses from visitors, customers and clients.

3)    A tool for lead generation- This application can act as strong tool in lead generation. It actually detect the outgoing visitors, those are about to leave the site, and capture their attention by presenting lucrative offers to them. This helps in decreasing the bounce rate of the site and ultimately boost your sales.

4)    Signup form- The signup form fiiling is one of the prior activities that a visitor performs on your site. This makes the activity a most critical and essential part of your online store. InteliWISE Virtual Agent plugin helps you in presenting a well designed signup form to perspective customers in an absolutely right time.

5)    Newsletter form- The plugin provides a convenient virtual agent window that can be displayed at an exact moment you want, also can be hidden within a moment. This allows visitors to apply for the newsletter and that too with an extreme ease.

So, these are few worth mentioning advantages of InteliWISE Virtual Agent plugin which can help you out in creating and managing an extremely user friendly WordPress website. It can be an outstanding application of WordPress for online stores and can be helpful in decreasing the bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate. This plugin is basically invented to assist visitors in all aspects and providing all kind answers of their queries. In addition, it can collect email addresses of visitors and according their actions offer them coupons, discount, etc. Other than these, the InteliWISE Virtual agent plugin can be easily installed on your WordPress powered website within a minute.

There are so many other advantages associated with the use of InteliWISE Virtual agent plugin on your WordPress website and you can avail them by downloading the plugin from here

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